Jackass review embargo

None of the big online news sources - Ebert,NYT,LAT,WaPo,Salon, CNN - has a review of this today. That’s weird. Not that a review is gonna keep me away from it, but still. Weird.

reading the subject I thought you were describing the embargo; took me a moment to figure out the game (edit:movie) title :)

Whoops. This was supposed to be in the movie section.

As I understand it, movies that the publisher expects to get critically panned typically aren’t released early to reviewers in any form. That means the reviewers have to go to the movie in theaters like everyone else, which delays the review.

I guess the thinking is, if people don’t know how bad it is, maybe they’ll go. For at least the first few days, anyway.

Not saying this is true of Jackass, just an alternative to your crazy Deus Ex-esque theory.

Isn’t a movie like Jackass really review-proof? Like a Zucker Bros. film. Does the film’s audience really care what the Washington Post thought of the midget who can kick himself in the forehead?

I just thought it’d be entertaining to read what Roger Ebert thought about the midget kicking himself in the forehead.

Fair enough.

Anyone here ever read John Simon? He was the most vicious and highbrow critc I ever read. He pissed off too many people with his almost indefensible reviews in Esquire and New York magazine that he ended his career at the National Review writing 200-word dismissals of Hollywood fare. But, damn, I’d love to read what he would say about Jackass.

The funny thing is, so many of the mainstream critics have passed on Jackass that it’s getting a “mostly ripe” rating at Rotten Tomatoes. The minor league website reviewers seem to be in the movie’s target demographic, and they’re giving it favorable reviews.

boxofficemojo.com shows Jackass as #1 on Friday with $10,015,000. That’s a lot of money for people sticking Hot Wheels up their asses.

Can’t wait for the shitty copycat movies the studios will cook up to try to ride this payday.

Not that I don’t think Jackass sucks, but what the rival studios will come up with to try to cash in on the success of this one will suck a million times more.

That there is a pretty sad commentary on the state of the world these days.


Not that I don’t think Jackass sucks

That there is a pretty sad commentary on the state of the world
these days.

Man, there’s a lot of Jackass negativity in this thread. I’ve only seen snippets of the show, so I can’t vouch for that, but the movie made me laugh often and hard. My whole jaw actually hurt by the end, which is something I can’t remember ever happening before. I’ve read a few reviews complaining about the toy car up the butt bit, but that’s simply the setup for the joke, not the incredible punchline.

“My whole jaw actually hurt by the end, which is something I can’t remember ever happening before.”

Insert blowjob joke here.

I love the show & am dying to see the movie. It has been interesting to watch Jackass stunts penetrate the rest of MTV and popular media. For example, it used to be off-limits to make your contestants eat disgusting things or eat something until they puked. Now puking seems to be quickly replacing sexual innuendo as the standard game show device.

Jackass was the funniest movie I’ve seen in years. I can’t remember when I’ve had such a non-analytical gut reaction to a film.

And to whoever said that $10 million seems like alot of money for shoving a toy car up your ass, I say to you: get a better agent.

Thank you and goodnight.

PS. Glad the board is back.

Really, the only question that I need answered in a review of this movie is this: is the movie as funny as the show? If so, I’m there. If you didn’t like the show, you’re not going to like the movie, and vice versa I would assume.

The movie was, in terms of minute-for-minute laughs, the funniest movie of the year. Hiiiiilarious.

I did, and I still want to see it.

Tom, don’t make me go see it. Cuz if I do and its not heeeefrigginglarious, I’m coming back fer you. :D

heh. Well, Derek, if you are willing to shut off your brain and revel in the pain and suffering of others, you’ll laugh your ass off. I enjoy the show a fair bit, but I thought the movie was easily 10 times better than any of the episodes–they didn’t go for as many poop jokes (other than the Hot Wheels in the ass thing), which was cool.

Steve-O is even nuttier than I thought he was. Best tattoos ever, though.