Jack's Back

As in ‘You Don’t Know’.


Oh, for an XBLA relaunch in the good old fashioned style. Only genuinely good trivia game I remember on PC - even if these DisOrDats are a bit meh, it brings back some memories. If anything cried out for another go at episodic content, it’s the old weekly Net Shows.

I think a YDKJ game would be more likely to find an audience on the Wii, given the party-friendliness of the console. That said, I’d just love some new Jack games and don’t care what platform they end up on. Great find, Charybdis!

360 would be great for the online support with voice chat. Also, it provides a delivery stream for content updates.

Yeah, I just think it’s more likely to find an audience and “take off” on the Wii. Have some friends over, a little party, play some Wii Sports, then put in Jack. The 360 would, I agree, be the “better” platform, especially for updates, and I’d certainly play it. I’m just thinking in terms of sales for the title, so they’d start making more again.

I’d buy YDKJ for the Wii in a heartbeat. It’s hard to get some people to handle complex concepts like crowding around a keyboard and knowing which key is THEIR buzz in key. Giving everyone their own Wiimote would easily solve that :)

Nice. This has always been one of my favorite games. Back when it was first released, the guys from Berkeley systems would come into the Egghead I worked at and we’d play it all the time. :D I still have an archive of a bunch of the fake commercials.

Maybe they can make a crossover with this and Jack in the Box and sell it for $3.99.

Dang, I was all excited because I thought you meant Contract Jack.

Yes, I’m kidding.

Can you guys lay off the Nintendo marketing Kool-Aid just a tiny bit? I mean, we all get it: the Wii is fun. But I can’t think of one single reason–not one!–why You Don’t Know Jack would be better suited to the Wii than to the Xbox 360 (or vice-versa). I’m talking real, tangible reasons, here, not viral marketing-induced nonsensical reasons like “the Wii is more party-friendly.”

But hooray for more YDKJ! That was a great series of games, and it’s about time we had more of them.

Because the wiimote is more like a “buzzer” than the 360 pad, thus making for a slightly more immersive game-show experience.

There, one reason.

Er… how is it more like a buzzer, exactly?

What they really should do (and what they probably will do) is to put it on every console. The YDKJ games weren’t exactly technical powerhouses; there’s no reason not to put one on every platform out there.

Sony already have a game that uses a buzzer, called ‘Buzz’. It’s a musical quiz game.
So, all three it is.

The controller for Buzz.

A game show buzzer a la Jeopardy! is a small cylindrical object with one big obvious button that you hit with your thumb in order to ring in. This description cleaves closer to the wiimote than the 360 pad.

I didn’t say it was a GOOD reason, but it’s a reason.

Whereas I was thinking Jack Thompson had committed a fresh new gaffe.

I think we’ve all learned something today.

If you think that the Wii’s being “party-friendly” is viral marketing-induced nonsense, I suggest you get a Wii. If you have a Wii, I suggest you get some friends. Then combine them.

Honestly, at least so far, the Wii’s main strength is found in a party atmosphere. If you don’t believe that, you just haven’t tried it in that setting. I took mine to work before we left for holiday break, and my boss, in her late 70s and about as anti-gaming as you can get, let us stop working for the rest of the day just so we could all keep playing Wii Sports.

Also, could you point me to a single piece of viral marketing concerning this? Thanks.

Has anyone tried the youdontknowjack.com web site in the Wii Opera Browser? Hmmmm…

I think the thing that bothers him (or at least I know it somewhat rubs me) is that any and every time people mention the Wii being the “party” console, they’re mentioning Wii Sports. I can get the same reaction in a group with Guitar Hero.

Either way, I think the point here is that YDKJ is a game that doesn’t need an uber console, or even a party-dedicated machine. It could, should, and probably would come out on all three machines if a console version released. I doubt you’d see more people buying the Wii version just because of a perceived “party fun!” association.

I do believe that. But I also believe that the Wii is good at parties mainly because there are good party games on the Wii. That doesn’t mean that party games can’t be just as much fun on other systems. They can be, and are. I can’t think of anything inherent to YDKJ, in particular, that makes it better suited to the Wii than to the Xbox, or the PS2, or the Gamecube, or pretty much any console.

YDKJ isn’t a good example, but there is a phobia of gamepads that really does exist. It’s one reason party games on other systems tend to be hardcore gamer games or that they incorporate some other peripheral like a guitar or microphone or bongos.

Also, I think “it’s a party machine” is a perfectly valid argument. The Wii was pretty clearly designed around the idea of same-room-multiplayer and “simpler” games, and it’s marketed that way. The X360 is not designed that way and certainly not marketed that way, and neither is the PS3. They’re made, and marketed, as high-end consoles for gamers, who will play them either alone or maybe with one friend – the multiplayer is geared heavily towards internet play with distant users, and is moving more and more in that direction with each generation (rather than the “play with your buddy” consoles of yore).

So when you think of a console that would be great for YDKJ, the natural response is the Wii. Not because it’s somehow technically more suited to it, but just because you’re more likely to get a YDKJ crowd (a bunch of casuals all in the same room) around a Wii than around the other consoles. I guess you could have fun playing YDKJ over the net against strangers, but again, the nature of the game is really for playing against your friends in the same room.