Jackson (Peter)'s Next Project



This was also Peter Jackson’s announced “next project” before he then announced that he’d be doing Lord of the Rings. I remember only because I got goosebumps all over my body. King Kong and Son of Kong are probably two of my favorite adventure movies of all time. I hope Jackson makes a ballsy executive decision here and has them do all the special effects with multi-million dollar stop motion animation, I know he has some pals that do it. Also hope that this time they keep the fucking dinosaurs in, since King Kong fighting dinosaurs is the entire point of the movie.

This is probably a rather unpopular opinion, but I’d rather see Jackson make a movie that hasn’t been done twice already. Not even once before. Jackson seems to be a pretty creative guy; I have faith he could come up with an original idea.

Besides, I hate seeing Kong die at the end.

But Kong dying at the end (spoiler?) is the point of the movie! Well, that and the whole fightin’ dinos thing. I agree with Crypt. As a huge fan of the first one (why isn’t it out on DVD) and even the second one (yay, WTC) I agree, stop-motion! The report says he’s making New York City in a field in New Zealand. So, maybe he’s just going for a guy in an ape suit and is going to use models. I hope he has the courage to cast an unconventional cast. I don’t want marginally talented moovie stars in my Kong pic. I don’t want to see the monkey falling in love with Drew Barrymoore or even Kate Hudson.

Hmmm… Julianne Moore?

The dinosaurs are definitely in - the script Jackson and Walsh wrote was circulating online a few years ago, so you can probably track it down somewhere.

Also, your recollection isn’t quite correct – Jackson was trying for years to get King Kong made, but no one would back him, so he had to give up, and “settle” for a 2-film adaptation of Lord of the Rings instead. That expanded to 3 after switching studios, the first one made a zillion dollars and the studio started the Kong project again (and actually indicated they’d make it “with or without” Jackson, which kinda missed the whole point). But after Two Towers they realized Jackson’s the man, for this sort of film, and the two made happy-happy.

If only he had done the American Godzilla movie, heh.

I gotta agree with Jack–

King Kong’s been done before (twice, not counting the crappy sequel to the already crappy DeLaurentis version).

What other giant animals are free? 50ft. woman…Mothra…Flesh eating bunnies. They have all been done. Maybe a giant Emu. It couldn’t be worse than Kangaroo Jack.

I just want the Hobbit - likely to be too much to ask I know.


So does this mean Liv Tyler plays Fay Wray?? :twisted:

Hm. In the past, I was sure I heard Jackson say publicly that he thinks “The Hobbit” will be made, due to the financial success of his Ring trilogy, but that he has no interest in doing it himself. Now, however, he seems to be leaving himself open to the project. Here’s a quote from February:

Part of me would love to have somebody else make The Hobbit, so I could watch it as an audience member. On the other hand, it would feel odd.

Nobody has asked me to do it, but if they did, I would give it serious consideration.

Oh, and here’s Ian McKellen’s take on the subject. Sounds good to me:

Ï want to play Gandalf again, in The Hobbit. I’ve asked Peter Jackson if he’ll produce the prequel as a huge, yearlong television series.

Ten seconds of giggles right there. Yeah, I’m easy :)

Wow. Talk about books that are definitely not film-friendly.

Wow. Talk about books that are definitely not film-friendly.[/quote]

No kidding. Even I won’t advocate that one. A mini-series though! Silmarillion, by the way.

Maybe a four year mini-series!