Jacob's Ladder (2019) - No Danny Aiello? No sale.

Another remake of an excellent original film for me to ignore.

Poor Hollywood.


Here’s Danny hanging with Spike this past weekend at the Do the Right Thing 30th anniversary block party.

LOL. This is gonna suck so bad.

I saw the original once. Fucked me up so bad I blocked it out.

The subway creatures or the hospital scenes? Or both?

Both, obviously. The second more than the first, but totally both.

Please note that I blurred the words out in case you just didn’t want to be reminded.

Written by someone named … Bruce Joel Rubin, no less. ;)

We’re not all related you racist. ;)

Now that I think of it, I’ve never seen you two together.

Me neither. Until I see or hear them both on Space Game Junkie, I’ll consider my suspicions confirmed

I vote that we stake @BrianRubin!

Why can’t hollywood just make new movies, instead of ruining old ones?

Because the old “Hollywood” no longer exists. The old HW made movies. The new one just wants money. Let’s make more of the shit that made us cash. Remember Barton Fink? Think about it.

I mean, remakes have always been a thing… but it just seems lamer now.