Jade Empire fighting styles

Well, as some of you may or may not know, our two CEOs have been involved with a company called Codebaby for some time now (they’re founders of the company, along with Board members I believe)… anyway, as part of our Jade Empire PR campaign, we’re using the Codebaby program to show off some of the moves you’ll be able to do in the game. Check it out:

It’s pretty neat… Fairly quick download of the player. Lemme know what you guys think!

Let’s see. Windows only. IE only. That eliminates any chance I’ll run it.

Ah yes, I suppose I should have put that disclaimer on there

Will you be able to make chi blasts?

Well, I primarily use Firefox and Ghostzilla, but I’m not averse to launching IE in order to check something cool out.

And this qualifies.

Very nifty. I don’t particularly mean the Codebaby plugin, that’s fairly yawn-worthy, but I did enjoy the fighting moves.

And woo to Wu! I’m smitten. She looks pretty damn good doing the Legendary Fist styles in slow-motion.


Looks good

Except that the animations don’t connect together properly… hopefully that gets cleared up by release =)

That;'s actually just an issue with the codebaby player… it snaps the models back to their original location after playing through the animation. The game doesn’t suffer from that issue…

That’s good to hear, seriously - nothing ruins the impression of a good looking game quicker than bad animation. See: Morrowind

“Lame!” </cartman voice>

I guess Firefox isn’t cool enough to get attention. :(