Jade Empire for the PC?

Sounds like Bioware might be getting ready to change course on this one

Good :)

But I thought we were [size=6]DOOMED![/size]


After playing it a bit at E3, I don’t imagine it would translate well to PC. It’d be much more awkward than Final Fantasy.

It might not translate well to keyboard + mouse, but nothing stops you (I hope) from using a controller for the PC version too.

Didn’t Microsoft say that they would be releasing Xbox style controllers for the pc soon-ish?

No, no, we were only DOMED.

That would be an about-face for them, as they have completely withdrawn from the PC game controller market (see the Sidewinder support page). Do you remember where the rumor/story may have been mentioned?

I’d say there is a chance for the IP to end up on the PC. Will the first Jade game be ported? I kind of doubt it. A fighting game like Jade, even with it’s simple play style, just doesn’t make sense on a PC. Can anyone name a fighting game that has done well on PC? I think people are making a big deal out of a harmless comment. Ray says stuff like that all the time. He’s just leaving the door open and never saying never.

Doesn’t the publisher make a difference tho? Wouldn’t there be a decent built-in audience for a game from you guys?

Doesn’t the publisher make a difference tho? Wouldn’t there be a decent built-in audience for a game from you guys?[/quote]

I don’t work for BioWare anymore. Sure, the publisher can offer hats of money, but if it would be a lackluster port they’d be smarter to turn it down. I just don’t see this as a game that would do well on the PC the way KotOR did because of the twitch factor fighting.

The Xbox controller can be used on a PC pretty well. Xbox game ports are just USB, so you only need an adapter cable to rewire it.

I put one of my Xbox controllers on the PC and it worked, but then I realised I’d rather play on my Xbox. :-)



Where can I get one of those adaptor cables, and what is it called, exactly? I want to try it out on my PC, thanks.

Liksang will probably sell some.

Yeah, I’m sure Lik-Sang will have one. I don’t have the Xbox adapter but I have Lik-Sang adapters for my Cube and PS2 controllers and they work great. I can’t imagine why I would ever buy a different gamepad.

I ordered it from Lik-Sang. I got it quite fast too.

Here is a link.

Once you got the cable, all you need is drivers, which can be found here (more links at the bottom of the LikSang page).


I might well pick up a copy for the PC. The subject is really interesting to me and it doesn’t hurt that I have confidence in the developer. But I ain’t buyin’ an Xbox to play it. Of course, if the transition doesn’t work they’d be smarter just keeping it where it is.

you can always make one yourself. I made one using these instructions and my old “original” XBox controller (you can pick one of those old monsters up for a song)

No, no, we were only DOMED.[/quote]