Jade Empire - We have a winner?

I recently signed up for Origin Access and was surprised to find that the original is in the vault but buried wayyyy deep on the popularity list. I hope they make another one.

I love the 14 years later sign.

I really liked it, too. The combat was just a touch simplistic, but that was fine, really. I liked the world they built. I can’t see a sequel thing well today, though- didn’t the first come out riding the wave of wuxia popularity (Crouching Tiger, Jet Li, etc.)? If it couldn’t make enough sales to warrant a sequel then, what would be the hook today?

When it came out, i remember a lot of complaints from PC players saying the controls were weird and the combat bad. I didn’t buy it at release, but a few years later. Had I known I would enjoy it as much as I did, I would have. The combat is a little… odd when it comes to PC, but I adapted eventually.

I don’t think it sold well, but if anything we’re exposed more to Chinese culture due to these partnership movies than before, and the Chinese market is valid one itself. So if they do something interesting, it could be fun!

Fair enough, I was really a console player, even then- I played on Xbox, so I can’t really speak to I PC players’ control complaints.

Now I’m reminiscing, I do remember people being miffed that it was an action game. How dare Bioware abandon their RPG roots, etc, etc. It was still very Bioware in morality choices- the standard “Do you a) help the old woman cross the street, b) kick the puppy, or c) ask for money?”. Heh.

I should pull out the disc and give it a whirl. It supposedly looks nice enhanced on the Xbox One.

And they were miffed because in the end closed fist or open palm it was basically an evil or good story line. I think the original PC version might have had bad visuals, like they enhanced the resolution later too.

I loved the characters, the music especially, the visuals. It might not be their shining star, but it’s fond in my mind and I’ve had that soundtrack on my playlist ever since. It’s beautiful.

Yeah, I enjoyed it a lot back in the day on the Xbox. And those were the days of the original Xbox, before the 360 Controller for PC came out, so PC ports always have to have mouse and keyboard controls, even for arcade action games like this one. I can’t imagine that being very satisfying.

On Xbox, I do remember being very surprised by the morality system. I remember one of the characters in the game telling you that it wasn’t a matter of good vs evil. I had been impressed by KOTOR blurring the lines, and making me think, for the first time, that maybe the Sith had the better methodology for how the universe should be run. So I was looking forward to more of that. Instead, Jade Empire turned out to be TOTALLY black and white, good vs evil. Which was exactly what they said it wasn’t going to do, so that made it extra funny. I loved it.

Wow, I actually just tried to play this over the weekend. Kind of as a test for the new hard drive I just installed to see what load times would be like, but also because I had a kind of hankering to try it again. However, it did not run out of the box, and a quick Googled fix did resolve the issue.

That being stated, I will go on record saying Jade Empire was Bioware’s most forgettable RPG. It was part of a trend of “simplifying” RPG’s, and what gamers are left with was… button mashing. Sure, you could learn more styles, but in the end it just made more sense to max out a few specific styles than to experiment with a more versatile build. Similarly, the “persuasion” system mostly benefited concentrating a player’s points into a single stat so as to be able to persuade 2 different ways. Since health was notably inferior to Chi and Focus, well, the build was either weapon focused or Chi focused. Weapons could do more damage, but Chi was versatile since it could be replenished.

My guess? EA is planning on doing a re-master since the ROI of those seems to be pretty solid these days even if Bioware’s reputation is besmirched these days. I can’t imagine they are thinking about a new Jade Empire game as way to break in the Chinese market. It would be about as relevant to actual China as God of War was to Greeks.

Yeah, it’s my big conundrum with replaying Morrowind, for example. They built no gamepad support into the game despite it being built for the Xbox at the same time- i don’t think PC Oblivion ever even got it. I’d like to play it again, but from my couch. I’m sure my Surface (connected to my TV) could run it, but no gamepad support. I could play the new back compat port on Xbone, but no mods (and unmodded Morrowind is… yeah). Ah well.

…there are no winners.

enterprising modders hacked in gamepad support for ME PC series. are there no mods for JE?

For what it’s worth, I played KB/M. It took some adjusting to but it was… fine in the end.

Last time I played the Steam version and the Origin version had the config program crashing unless one made a 0 file size text file. Has this been fixed?

I’m pretty sure Origin didn’t exist when I played this game. I have a copy on Origin now, associated with my account but I don’t think Bioware joined EA yet. I had that weirdo thing when all their forums merged, and I had to shift my keys and things.

I feel like I attempted to play it on something with a game pad recently. It might have been the iPad but I could have sworn it was a pc.

Pretty sure I played Jade Empire with a gamepad on the pc. According to steam forums, the special edition supports a gamepad. And there are some mods for jade empire that change a few things.

I replayed this back in 2017. It still holds up pretty well. There are mods that will let it run at modern resolutions, including 4K, so it looked decent.

I don’t think I tried using a gamepad.

Saw this thread pop up yesterday and figured it was a bot, so didn’t pay any attention. Now it pops up again and I see real news! Potentially awesome :)

And yeah, playing with a gamepad is better imho, and I could have sworn I used one on the PC … but that might have been some mod which built it in.

I don’t know- that’s like saying “I don’t know how well this Lord of the Rings thing will do since it’s about as relevant to Western culture, etc, etc.”. I’m not sure how the Chinese people are different than us in this regard- they would want to see fantasy inspired by their own culture, no?

It’s a shame this spiritual successor to Jade Empire, Revolver got cancelled in pre-production infancy.