Jade Empire

Suprised no one has mentioned this yet. Microsoft announced the next Bioware Xbox game, Jade Empire yesterday. Being one of my favorite game developers, I’m pretty happy about this. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it.

What’s the setting. Jade + Empire = Star Wars?

Well the only information I could really find about it was form an Evil Avatar poster,

“The game has a lot in common with Fable. The protagonist (male or female) is a martial-arts student and he (or she) try to impress his master and the other person in his village. He has to made a long journey in the land of Jade Empire (a mixture of China, Maya and Atzech architecture). During the journey he’ll increase his ability and he’ll build his reputation (like in Fable). If we’ll choose the good way, the martial arts school will be even more famous and a lot of new student will come to us. If we’ll choose the evil way we will exile and we’ll enter in the evil army. During the journey we’ll learn new skills (Shenmue?) and we can choose which of them increase. The abilities could be hand to hand combat skill, with melee weapon (sword, knives etc. and also environment things like bottles and chairs), magic etc.”

Sounds interesting, but I’d like more details.



Sounds rather ordinary at the moment. I’ll have to keep my eye on how it develops.

This must be one of the two new IPs they’re working on. There’s probably a cover story on the game in the next Xbox magazine.

I like how someone on GAF described it as “Fable starring Mulan.”

It sounds like another D20 style game. Knights of the Far East!


Pretty colours!


That conversation with the drunk guy in the first movie is hilarious. “Riiiight. Cagey. Like the tiger. The caged one.”

I’m really looking forward to this game. Love the premise, already know that I love the engine.

I had no idea that bare midriffs were such an important part of Chinese legend.


It looks promising (the screens look better than KOTOR) but isn’t it like a year away? It was announced at least a month ago, btw. I think the announcement was at the Tokyo show, though, or some other Japanese gaming convention.

I dunno how close to d20 standards it is considering the combat system sounds, from the articles I’ve seen, to be something of a cross between RPG-ish and fighting-game-ish.

It’s not d20 at all. It’s an original real time combat system.

Is your character still going to look exactly like Lucy Liu in the final game? Aren’t you worried she’s going to sue?

Take note of the posting date. On Sep 12, we had no idea what the game was going to play like.


It’s not d20 at all. It’s an original real time combat system.[/quote]

Is it going to be pauseable like previous BioWare games?

Not sure why there would be any confusion. Most interviews and articles about Jade Empire have mentioned the combat system being real time. Well, if there was confusion then I hope this clears it up.