Jagged Alliance 2 - How do you heal?

EDIT: Embarassed that I did not notice the wonderful pdf manual that was installed in the game directory. I’d delete this thread if I could, but I do not see a delete option.

You use Doctor/Patient. Are you putting a Medical Kit in the treating person’s hands? Actually, their inventory may be enough. I think they’ll equip it when you assign them.

There’s also a hospital in Cambria, and once you free it, you can pay to have your Mercs treated there. They’ll heal a lot faster.

Your mercs also heal slowly over time.

  • Alan

Okay, another stupid question. What do you do with excess items that you think may be valuable later? Just throw them on the ground in an area you think you can hold, and hope they are still there when you want them? I don’t see any kind of bank or storage system beyond each character’s personal inventory.

IIRC things are safe if they’re in cabinets, chests, etc. and in controlled areas.

Most items will stay put if you leave them on the ground. Be careful with leaving items in sectors with militia; if you visit the sector, there’s a possibility that militia troops will pick up the equipment. Of course, this isn’t always a bad thing. The 1.13 patch lets you insta-sell old equipment anywhere, for a fraction of the items value (of course).

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I didn’t know they picked stuff up, I just leave it around.

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Well, they’re much more likely to pick things up during turn-based combat. For example, I see 'em pick up body armor during city-defense. Go figure.

Also, I haven’t confirmed this, but I think they’re less likely to pick up weapons that aren’t loaded.

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Yeah, I just leave it in piles in safe sectors and never had a problem. If the sector is attacked AND you have mercs there (meaning it goes to TB), militia may pick up loaded weapons. Green militia often have crappy pistols, so pretty much anything is better.

I usually leave a couple of loaded shotguns or rifles for militia in problem sectors for that reason.

Just started playing this game again. How do you transfer items from a sector to a merc? When I click on an item it just sells the item and I lose it :(

Sounds like a system issue where it thinks you have one of the modifier keys pressed. Maybe try editing the config files to disable the item quick-sell thing?