Jagged Alliance 3 - Turn Based and Looking Good!

Just saw this on Twitter. I see older threads for it, but the 2009 thread says it was canned, so I’m going to start a new thread.


There is some gameplay here in the trailer, so stick around for that, as I think this looks great.

I’ve played enough Jagged Alliance “revivals” to know better than to get excited at this point. I’m also not sold on the xcomification of all things turnbased.

I have to admit, it doesn’t look terrible though!

Looks like Desperados. Same developer, I’m assuming?

I’ll keep an eye on it though, I really like Desperados 3.

No, this is from the Haemimont folks who did well with Tropico 3/4, Surviving Mars and Victor Vran.

I think Desperados (and the not-great recent (ish) Jagged Alliance games from the past few years) is real time with pause - this looks full blown turn-based and it also features the fun “old tech” dial up to purchase mercs!


One can dream. Let’s hope it is good.

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me… 9,000 times… maybe at that point we’re back to shame on you because you’re just exploiting my naivete

This is where I’m at. To be honest, all the Steam forum posts so far being in Russian doesn’t make me feel super good about it, as I feel obligated to expect some Euro Jank, and that’s not something we had in JA2, so I guess we’ll see, but it also doesn’t cost anything to keep an open mind and cross fingers and toes!

Could also be Bulgarian which looks like Russian to me. Haemimont is a Bulgarian studio. What makes me optimistic is that they did real good with rebooting the Tropico series and made it a huge success. I don’t know who’s working there today but the studio’s track record isn’t bad at all!

Man, I had to stroll the memory lane a bit… that and the wiki

The section aboue 3/3d is amazing

This causes me to dial back expectations so much that anything they come out with will be a pleasant surprise.

It turns out @justaguy2 wasn’t exaggerating by as much as I thought he was.

I missed this, and in fact I just had found on my own through Steam. They are veterann devs, so this gives more confidence. Although the last time they tried to do a tactical game was with Omerta, that wasn’t well recieved.

I’m cautiously optimistic, this doesn’t look too bad.

I wish it was Russian. If it was the Silent Storm kinda Euro-jank, I’d be more than happy.

Oh my bad! I love me some Tropico, and Surviving Mars is solid.

I’ll definitely check this out.

Strange, I see only one forum post in a languare other than English. Sure you have the right game forum?

Remember this was hours ago.

Ive played them all and still naive enough to get chills watching this intro. I’m excited both by the quality of the cutscenes and the gameplay sample! Although a little work on this dive slides animations into location would be nice lol

To clarify, when I first made the observation, the game page on Steam was only minutes old and there were exactly two posts and they were both in a language that looked Russian.