Jagged Alliance 3 - Turn Based and Looking Good!

No regrets buying this game at launch. Never needed Bobby Ray’s, but I can see how some could find that useful. The game does need more money sinks.

Man, JA3 was such a joyful and tight no frills experience.

It’s interesting comparing this to BG3. The technical issues I had with it, along with the massive production value bloat, the inventory/UI/UX…

I downloaded some customer mercs that included fully done voice overs. One of the ones i did was John Wick and the voice work is top-notch and feels like a really great John Wick knockoff. It’s AI-generated, and it’s clear that in the future this could be a viable replacement to voice actors.

So, I’m not sure if you noticed or if it’s another mod but I checked out the John Wick mod and it doesn’t use AI for it’s voices, but rather just uses Shadow’s voice lines. I’d be interested in a Merc that did have AI generated voice, but I haven’t seen one yet.

I lost my custom merc killed in the refugee camp. Is there any way to bring him back? I don’t see myself winning that fight with zero losses tbh. And then a wave of OP bastards floods the map, I’m getting my butt kicked!

Got any vids of it in action? Really curious to see it.

Git gud?

I hate to say I nearly wiped out everyone at the refugee camp in a single round. I had two squads at that point. 12 mercs.

And after that, it’s probably the “hardest” part of the game. Definitely benefitted from the machine gun OP reaction bug though. :(

I did a double take with this response, thought for a sec I was in a steam forum.

Smoke grenades saved my ass in that fight. You can drop them on top of you or in front of some groups of enemies. They have to reposition and you can focus fire on some of them at a time.

Also, if you’re willing to spend chips on a thermal scope or two, your guys can shoot through the smoke without a penalty.

Same caliber of post

Grenade launchers are OP if you want to win a random fight. Useful also when you emerge from a certain basement. A merc with high agility can launch 2 per round, and they’re relatively easy to add to an AR for a modest cost in parts. Barry can crank out 5 HE grenades at a time in a few hours if you ever find any C4.

Once your IMP is gone, it’s gone, so you’ll need to reload from an earlier save or if you Ironman’d it, restart. Lots of ways to approach the fight, explosives in general are good. Tear Gas blinds, Smoke makes most things graze and your mercs only downside is coughing, Flashbangs causes enemies to lose AP. If they clump up at all multiple Frag grenades or shaped charges work wonders for bringing things more in line. Make sure to prioritize defense - cover, falling back if too advanced or getting focused. Defensive lines of overwatch can help thin things down or a good shotgunner.

Bobby Ray’s from what I saw from loading from an old save and starting a new campaign really helps with getting tools that you can use and ammo for your preferred type of gun early. You are still not going to be able to feed a squad of machine guns, but should be able to get one online earlier if you want as well as have enough for other guns with that precious 7.62 NATO or gunpowder to make it.

Let me second and third this suggestion. Mount a grenade launcher on your explosive expert’s rifle, and give your heavy weapons guy or gal an MGL as a backup to their machine gun. This combo will go a long way towards evening the odds anytime you find yourself surrounded by groups giving you difficulty. Just make sure to craft more HE grenades every time you start running low.

You can also just delay going to the refugee camp until you’re ready. It basically kicks off the end-game and changes outpost mechanics to boot. If you still have places to explore on the map other than the last area, there isn’t a time limit to go to the refugee camp as far as I know.

At some point you’ll get a call from Corazon to meet there, and when you do all the refugees will have been killed and you will lose access to all the quests there. Not necessarily a huge deal, but you may prefer to not keep putting it off indefinitely.

And there is no need. Once you have a cushion of cash and a good selection of guns with mods and even a limited amount of good ammo you can start that part of the game. Basically after the 2nd Island as long as you have some full veteran squads in Pantagruel and Fleatown to help defend/weaken stacks you should be good. Maybe have 8 or so mercs and you should be able to comfortably handle that stage of the game.

Well that is different. Yeah, you should go to the refugee camp early before being specifically asked to go there. By that time it’s too late!

What I mean is you can delay triggering THE EVENT that happens there/everywhere indefinitely if you want to capture a mine, hire more merc, train militia, or what have you.

I still think it’s a good idea to have two squads at that point.

The event will also trigger once you get within 1 tile of Eagle’s Nest automatically, but by then you are almost done.

I am playing a game with advanced tactical AI and it’s really quite good at adding in some tactics as well as scaling to the opponents. I’m very interested to see what it’s like to fight the advanced factions and I’m beelining to Landsbach.

I hinted at that, although it’s unlikely to happen in a virgin first playthrough of the game. The call-to-action to trigger the event happens before you can realistically reach that area. There’s lots of potentially interesting scenarios though when that event happens. Like if you have mercs stationed on the starter island or if you already pushed forward to the more jungle/swamp portion of the map because those outposts likely have quests associated with them too that get overridden by the event…

It might be worth replaying the game to explore these possibilities at least.

One thing I will say though regarding difficulty, (spoilers)

Once you fully overcome The Army, the Legion are pushovers in comparison. And the end-game areas are all still Legion controlled. So there’s this massive difficulty spike in the center of the game, then it mellows out again before the end. It’s definitely a more bizarre difficulty curve.

Eh, sorry about that? Does that mean it’s bad? I guess I forgot the /s

It’s literally the hardest part of the game: which means it’s time to “git gud” right like the Internet leet kids of the new cool school? I’m trying to connect better with the new generation…obvious fail? I really dunno.