Jagged Alliance 3 - Turn Based and Looking Good!

If people are starting a new campaign with the 1.3 patch I thought I’d share my collection of mods that I am using. I am really enjoying how this adjusts the gameplay. I have tried a few others and they either are not great, not working, or not balanced for the vanilla game yet (Tons of Guns is the mod I hope gets a balance pass for base game as it adds a lot more variety).

The quick and dirty of what this does: better looking portraits for mercs, IMPs and talky NPCs (like Pierre etc), more diverse looking Legion troops, full information UI, better field promotion system that doesn’t lock out gameplay styles and last and probably best upgraded AI and equipment for enemies that scales as you become stronger. The AI improvement you can tell immediately that a number of blocking issues with the AI being smart have been improved and you will see behaviors that match that unit type.

Last, I used this website to pick my starting lineup looking for people I haven’t played with before and synergies of like, my squad is Buns, Grunty, Omeryn, Kalyna and Igor with plans on recruiting only European mercs like Ivan, Scope, Sidney, Red, etc.

May take a little time for the collection to publish through the verification system. This is my IMP.

May just be me but trying that on a forum that is mostly old white dudes is amusing.

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You guys are just fine. That’s just my initial reaction in seeing a “git gud” because the only place I ever encounter it, and it really is in absolutely every steam thread about difficulty, is on steam.

I think “git gud” has at this point become a self-reflective sarcastic meme thing.

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I’m loving this game.

Is there any way to tell which zones can have militia trained in them?

Things did start to feel a little bit tame for a while, and then that happened. Now I’m excited again. There’s so much to do!

Sniping people can feel a little easy and yet headshots never get old. If I ever played this again, I’d probably try to do a build with no sniper rifles.

I think mainly only had one or two snipers with two full squads.

MVP was Blood going around stealth killing. Also Magic and my IMP merc stealth range killing small isolated groups.

There’s something glorious also about setting up all your mercs then kicking off the the action by systematically smoking everyone turn 1 (or 2). It’s like that scene in The Predator where the mercs wipe out the guerilla camp.

I can’t get stealth kills to ever really work, though admittedly I don’t have Blood.

My dude will sneak up, get detected, flail ineffectively and then is left standing in the open to get shot.
Even “ideal” scenarios go sideways every time for me.

You mean stealth melee? There’s a trick to it, the interface is kinda weird

Basically yeah but except with Blood you use throwing knives, so it’s ranged.

For stealth with guns, after you stealth kill a guy no one sees die, you have to then immediately kill all nearby alerted enemies by the noise. If they actually see the guy die then they will fire their weapon into the air and the element of surprise is lost. Otherwise they will go to investigate, and you need to kill them before they discover what is happening.

If I want to stealth an entire/most of the map:

  1. Kill all patrolling enemies first since they will naturally come across dead bodies on their route if left alive
  2. Kill isolated enemies
  3. Kill grouped enemies with multiple shooters, Blood close-in with throwing knives as back-up

Generally I don’t stealth the entire map. Only partially as convenient. I think I only did that once on the island outpost after sending a boat of explosives towards it.

But at this point everyone in the vicinity has been alerted, right? I’ll use Fox to kill someone and her perk is to surprise them so she gets another shot. When the second one goes down, the all go into their alien scramble routine to take cover. I assume this is normal.

That is normal unless they don’t detect you. Put one of the suppressor’s on Fox’s weapons and if they don’t alert someone else and you kill it before they do a map alert you will be able to get in a number of kills before they react. Crocky camp showcases this well as you can infiltrate and kill a lot of the outskirts before you get to a heavy enough concentration to cause an alert.

Not necessarily. It’s harder to pull off but I’ve dispatched multiple targets without alerting the rest of the map.

Yeah, there seem to be several things happening for alerts and detection, but I’m just speculating on the underlying mechanics.

First thing may be detection radius, so a ZZZ enemy far enough away from the alert may not wake up, depending perhaps on the nature of the event, like a friendly falling causes less alarm than an HE rocket explosion. And sometimes they notice, sometimes they don’t, so there may be die rolls in involved too.

Second is some groups of enemies seem to be activated together. In the underlying game dev platform they may be linked together in the same spawn generator or something like that. So if an entire camp is linked like that it may not matter what the stimulus was.

But there is also clearly this weird neither-here-nor-there one-turn grace period on initial alert.

So if outside combat you headshot someone from Hidden with an unsilenced 50 cal antimateriel rifle that should be easy for everyone to hear, the camp may go into what I’m calling primary alert status but your sniper won’t be unhidden despite the loud noise, so you get at least a full surprise round before they head for the sound, and possibly they don’t figure out the source so you just go back to out-of-combat mode. During that time if you can retreat they will then likely return to noncombat sentry mode.

If the initial hypothetical .50 cal headshot misses your sniper will be automatically unhidden, but a subsequent Hidden killshot from someone else may wind up suppressing full alert status. If the sniper was far enough away from anyone else but the now-dead target, you may escape combat mode, especially if they can hide again with leftover AP. But failure to kill the target at all during that first round will definitely lead to active combat.

Of course, if you snipe someone with a suppressed rifle and they aren’t close to any other enemy, then you won’t enter turnbased mode at all and can just move on to the next target.

The enemies being linked is simply a de facto result with enemy placement being such that killing enemy A, B, or C will always alert the other two, who will then alert the entire map.

I think only a handful of maps can be cleared via total stealth due to this enemy placement being what it is.

But I suspect with enough time, experimentation, and reloads, you could find a way to wipe out A, B, and C without alerting everyone else.

For instance with only two enemies side by side right next to each other, I have been able to snipe one from a distance, then have Blood throw a knife into the other one before anyone was the wiser.

I like that the stealth system is more of an “ambush” system. It’d get boring fast if you could reliably stealth most of the game. It’s more fun to throw down with the main group on the map, but I appreciate that I can first pick off stragglers and set up the fight my way.

Speaking of boring, like most games these days, this game is too damn big! I’m a completionist so I want to see every square of the map. I’m maybe halfway through. The set piece battles are still fun and challenging enough to be interesting, but my OCD and general gaming impatience make it hard for me.

Oh well! I still can’t wait to play more tonight.

Is this game pretty fiddly? I guess by that I mean lots of inventory management, changing weapons / ammo, etc? I typically like tactical battle games, but if there is a lot of ‘work’ to keep characters equipped and stuff I tend to get annoyed. It seems like most everyone here has liked the game.

They’ve taken a lot of measures to simplify in the inventory- ammo is in a common pool and reloading just takes from it, for example- it’s about as least-fiddly as possible.