Jagged Alliance 3 - Turn Based and Looking Good!


I’d rate it medium fiddly. Characters have limited inventory slots for things that aren’t ammo. You’ll frequently want to carry things you can’t use immediately – crafting materials, tradeable junk, broken or low ammo weapons – often more than you can hold. You may feel the need to have caches on the map to hold this stuff.

All that said, my full playthrough was before they added a gun store, so the need to lug a bunch of stuff around may have dropped significantly.

Yeah I use a couple locations on the map to store stuff. It’s nice to have some extra equipment ready if you hire new mercs with their ridiculous handguns.

The most fiddly thing to me is the little discoverable hotspots on the map with meds and loot. It’s obnoxious to have to paint the map looking for items, then sometimes pick the right person with the lockpicks or whatever. One of those systems that sounds good but quickly becomes tedious. Not the end of the world.

Completed. Nice game. Shooting people never stopped being satisfying, although toward the end I was speedkilling the maps.

I’m impressed they were able to pull this off. Not perfect, but a real modern sequel to an all-time classic. Well done!

I look forward to starting this game soon. I grabbed it. I am glad you all are enjoying it looks like it might be “fun” in the QT3 Vernacular.

Played 2 times through now, and i suspect ill play it again in a few months :)

Did you do anything different in the second playthrough, or enjoy it a different way? I’m curious what people are getting out of a second playthrough. If I did one I’d probably keep it quick and efficient with 1 main squad (and maybe another squad or two to auto-resolve battles) and speedrun to the end.

Is anyone playing this on console? How does it control?

In the first run i made mistakes on a few quests and i didn’t really explore the map. The second play through i found there were many quests and interesting events i had missed just to play the basic game, which added to the enjoyment for me greatly. I figured out stealth melee kills, and some of the more hidden mechanics of the game. I will definitely play again when all the updates are released and play with other more mercs i didn’t play with the first few times

I love Fox however, her stealth surprise means she can attack from stealth and then get a refund on her actions to immediately make ANOTHER attack! It’s hard to pass on this, lots of interesting abilities to explore in the different NPCs but this one feels like a staple.

There’s also the guy with 360 overwatch that might be worth checking out. Or just playing without Livewires broken ability…

I missed that one, VERY cool! Have to check that one out on my next playthrough

If I played this again, I think the only way to make it interesting would be a “no rifles, no light machine guns” rule.

For sure, that too.

Yeah I would definitely play without sniper rifles. Machine guns can be interesting though depending on the map. Sometimes the enemies will go around and flank me while I’m setup.

But overall it would be a lot of melee and SMGs.

More content!

Update 1.4, codenamed ‘Wolf,’ introduces a significant mid- to late-game quest titled ‘U-Bahn’ (German for subway). Why the German name? Because you have the chance to uncover secrets hidden beneath Grand Chien since WW2, if you dare to confront the formidable adversaries protecting them. This new quest line comprises seven expansive maps within a laboratory complex. To complement the theme, update 1.4 introduces a new underground transportation system, ensuring the name’s relevance.
But there’s more – update 1.4 also includes numerous improvements, long-requested by the community. Such as Sat View improvements like a revamped Conflict Screen, multiselection in the inventory, sector stash overhaul, and tweaks to some Operations, as well as many other smaller fixes and adjustments.

Jagged Alliance 4 is going to be awesome…

Try the demo Ace! You won’t be disappointed.

Good shit all around. I’ll need to make time for another run in the future.

New update


  • New Extensive modding tools were introduced. Create new campaigns, and quests, edit maps, and much more.
  • Lua Debug Adapter to debug your mods using Visual Studio Code while the game is running.
  • Example mods that are included in game files
  • 10 New Game rules introduced
    • Hard Lessons - Mercs level up at a slower pace.
    • Body Count - Increases the number of enemies in hostile squads.
    • Under the Weather - Severe weather effects are more common.
    • Bobby Pays - Increases the prices in the online store “Bobby Ray’s Guns and Things”
    • Ammo Scarcity - Find less ammo, throwable items and explosives.
    • Heavy Wounds - Wounds also hamper Free Move and Accuracy. Affects all characters - mercs, allies and enemies.
    • Hiring Game Rules
      • A.I.M. Always Online - Mercs are never “offline” and will not refuse contracts without a good reason.
      • A.I.M. Legendary Deals - Starting salaries of all Elite and Legendary mercs are decreased.
      • A.I.M. Platinum - Unlocks legendary mercs on start (except retired mercs).
      • A.I.M. Union Rules - Mercs demand even higher salaries as they progress. Starting salaries are unaffected.
  • Fixed issue where combat wouldn’t end after defeating Siegfried
  • Fixed issue where game would softlock when trying to cheese active pause after “Combat start” sequence is initiated.
  • Fixed issues where quests would break upon death of certain NPCs.
  • Fixed issue where levelling up with XP from Scouting operation would not give a perk point.
  • Fixed issue where Inspired would not give extra action points.
  • Fixed issue where villagers would trigger alarms
  • Fixed “Enemy Repositioning” softlock on the Twin Manors quest.

That’s some good news, not only mod tools, but unlike many devs, they aren’t thrown to the players and they are on their own, providing example mods and even a freaking debugger that works with the game is ace.

I wonder how long before some crazy group of modders remakes JA1 and JA2.

New campaigns will be nice. I played some for JA2 and they were pretty good.