Jagged Alliance Motion Picture Announced

“Strategy First Partners with Union Entertainment to Develop The Jagged Alliance Feature Film!”

Nick Nunziata Signed To Develop and Produce Movie

MONTREAL, March 8, 2007. – Software publisher Strategy First Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SSTR), has partnered with Los Angeles-based video game and film production company, Union Entertainment, to adapt Strategy First’s hit video game franchise “Jagged Alliance” into a feature film. Union and Strategy First have signed on Nick Nunziata (Grizzly Park, Meg) to help develop and co-produce the project.

The original “Jagged Alliance” game was released in 1994 and has spawned five sequels, with another currently under development at Strategy First.

The project’s title, “Jagged Alliance”, describes the cutthroat relationships between members of a lethal mercenary team whose only true allegiance is to the highest bidder. Each a specialist in his or her own discipline, these operatives know that in order to survive their missions, they must rely on, but never dare trust, each other. The team is assembled from the best of the best by the Alliance of International Mercenaries, an apolitical private organization with its own covert agenda.

“‘Jagged Alliance’ is high on character and action, but with a dark humor that fans relish,” says Union President Richard Leibowitz. “‘Jagged Alliance’ has a solid premise, and its character-driven game story makes it much better suited to film adaptation than many other game properties. Those elements are key to successful game-to-film translations.”

“Jagged Alliance is a great game franchise with dynamic characters and personalities that belong on the silver screen. This project is a brilliant take on the property and we anticipate a truly original picture coming out of this series.” says Emanuel Wall, Strategy First’s Business Development Manager.

Well, it isnt a bad framework for a movie, though I dont see that the game IP has any extra value worth buying just to make a movie like this. Very few people will know the game. Really odd.

I’d have expected an ultima or syndicate or magic carpet movie before something like this

And the cast has already been guessed. ;)


Fucking retarded.

I want my Jagged Alliance DS DAMMIT!

I hope Reuben and his hedge trimmer star in the film.

Nick Nunziata is a cool guy and I’m a big fan of his website, but he’s been attached to a bunch of different movie projects in the past few years, and as far as I’m aware none of them have actually made it to the screen yet. Nunz might be the kiss of death.