Jagged Alliance: Rage! - TBS set 20 years after JA:2


JA1 was definitely tougher than 2. I really didn’t like the need to constantly repair weapons though, that was a real chore that just sucked the entertainment value out of it for me. And being stuck or losing people because they couldn’t swim was a pain too even though it was realistic.


So this is coming out in 3 weeks?


That’s potentially just as exciting as it is concerning…


I wanted to check out the official page but I just got tired when it wanted me to put in a birthday. Is anyone else as sick and tired of that shit as I am?

But yeah, I think 3 weeks out from now (and only what, a month from announcement?) makes me pretty concerned. It didn’t look that great to start with, and some of that I thought was due to early art assets. Yikes.


Glad you said that Scott, I’m completely unexcited the art makes me think they will skimp on gameplay and depth. I already played too many poor knockoffs.

Definitely going to wait for the reviews…


Oh no. I can’t see any happy reason for them to rush it out like this. Here’s hoping I’m wrong, but I’m managing my expectations at this point.

I mean, realistically I’m sure I’m still going to buy it, be disappointed, retreat back into wistful fantasy for another few years. (Wow, that 2007 JA3 with the Silent Storm engine sure would have been something).



Who thought this art direction was a good idea?!

I’m curious of all the JA remakes, which one do you guys think was the best homage to the original?


JA 2 was pretty good. OTOH I liked Back in Action too. ::ducks::


What don’t you like about it? Seems okay to me, sort of like an update to JA2 really.


BiA wasn’t bad at all, it had enormous potential even - sadly a lot of it went unrealized. It also had some weird quirks like weapon aim speed being tied to rate of fire if I remember correctly. Last time I checked there was a pretty good mod out by Killatomate that rebalanced the game but I never gave it a proper shot. I’d say it’s certainly worth it if you’ve already played JA2 to death but are still looking for a somewhat nostalgic merc experience.


I recently played through using the Killatomate mod. It balances a few things and adds additional weapons, but as near as I can tell, it still doesn’t change the dependency on ROF for aim speed.

For what it’s worth, I thought BiA had a pretty good tactical game. It was the strategic layer that let the game down overall.


I’ll have to look into that. Thanks.


It doesn’t have the gritty feel of the original, the style looks more at home in a less serious IPAD game. Its just not the JA vibe I was hoping for…


Seriously thanks! I didn’t know about the mod, and have some time to burn before Kingmaker comes out :)


You’re welcome. And just to be sure, you know that JA2 also has a very good mod available? :) It’s called 1.13 and changes so many things that I don’t even know where to begin listing them.


Apparently the two guys that ran into each other on the corner, one carrying a Jagged Alliance bar and another a jar of Team Fortress.

I mean, the originals weren’t exactly high-res portraits or hyper realistic settings, but this seems more like what you stated, a tablet game.


I finished it and thought it was decent but the story was also a rehash of JA2, so I guess I feel the same as you. And yes that speed model was weird.


Agreed. I don’t see any problem.


Delayed, the day before launch, to December 6th.

I’d laugh but it’s too sad.