Jagged Alliance: Rage! - TBS set 20 years after JA:2


I would argue for the developers own sake that they should have made their own new IP / setting. Nobody likes a “sequel” with far less features than the original.


Why bother with a sequel if they were going to gut the original? It’s like buying Jagged Alliance 0. No strategic layer, no sector inventory, no salaries, no merchants? Hard, hard pass.


I would prefer a brand new JA2 campaign, like Wildfire. I’m not sure how the economic factors add up compared to developing Rage, however. Wildfire probably took a lot of effort to create.

Anyway, how many junk sequels/remakes have been developed? Must be 4 or 5, now. How many times until developers learn from these mistakes? At this point they must be trolling us.


I’d love a remake of Jagged Alliance 2 with the addition of a random map generator, kinda like Age of Wonders Shadow Magic.


I’d love a procedural merc generator. Give them strong traits, like afraid of dogs and heights, hates some other guy, had an affair with another girl. I love the personalities in JA2, but the limited number of mercs means I’m hesitant to let any of them die and end up save-scumming, unlike original X-Com where everyone is pretty much replaceable.


I think I asked once on Bear’s Pit if maps are stored in text files. That would have made it a lot easier for someone like me to experiment with random maps. (I have made random maps for other games.)

But fast forward a decade, and I am kind of sick of nearly every new game using procedural generation. 90% of the time it is inconsequential or just plain sucks.


I regret creating this thread. Ugh.


If you start a thread about a game, you should be forced to play it. :D


Fuck, that’s cold man, especially in this instance. ;)


I regret reading it :(


Yeah. It’s like the proof of concept for Jagged Alliance. Now we build the full game.


I wish they would X-Com 2 Jagged Alliance.


What you people expected, lol. From the first trailer it looked like this: a small scope tactical game which someone has slapped the JA name. Things like UI already revealed it was another type of game.


Anyone here bothered to get this? Reviews seem mixed to negative so far.



I’m surprised there are any mixed reviews from what I saw.


Thor pretty much answered for me.


I’m as disappointed as the next JA2 superfan, but jeeze there’s a lot of whinging in that thread. Can’t they just pretend everything since JA2 never happened like the rest of us do?

On the ‘abusing IP’ front: how much is JA even ‘worth’? I’ve never though it was an especially popular game, though it definitely cult appear. But ip grabs never work with cult appeal, as shown in that thread, because the cultists are always overly pedantic about what they’ll accept. It only really works on games that had mass appeal.


Why? Have there been any games since JA2? Have there? Have there?!

I think it’s mostly fans of the original games who want to create a new JA game or (in this case) THQ Nordic just throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what’ll stick?


I think we generally expect “sequels” to improve on the game, not go backwards.


The fact that we’re talking about it here means it’s worth something.

Though if this is the only thing you understand about a video game franchise, then you suck at business. Sorry!