Jagged Alliance: Rage! - TBS set 20 years after JA:2


Agreed. I don’t see any problem.


Delayed, the day before launch, to December 6th.

I’d laugh but it’s too sad.


Please be good. Please be good.


So, this game is for Xbox only? I don’t see a PC link on the MS Store.


PC, PS4, and Xbox according to the game’s website.


$17.99 on Steam right now. I’ll probably pick this up if the early reviews are on the positive-ish side.

Edit: maybe not… this is disappointing to see:

tl;dr 7 mercs, no strategy layer.


People forget how hard it is to make these games well. And on a shoestring budget? Not happening.


I would argue for the developers own sake that they should have made their own new IP / setting. Nobody likes a “sequel” with far less features than the original.


Why bother with a sequel if they were going to gut the original? It’s like buying Jagged Alliance 0. No strategic layer, no sector inventory, no salaries, no merchants? Hard, hard pass.


I would prefer a brand new JA2 campaign, like Wildfire. I’m not sure how the economic factors add up compared to developing Rage, however. Wildfire probably took a lot of effort to create.

Anyway, how many junk sequels/remakes have been developed? Must be 4 or 5, now. How many times until developers learn from these mistakes? At this point they must be trolling us.


I’d love a remake of Jagged Alliance 2 with the addition of a random map generator, kinda like Age of Wonders Shadow Magic.


I’d love a procedural merc generator. Give them strong traits, like afraid of dogs and heights, hates some other guy, had an affair with another girl. I love the personalities in JA2, but the limited number of mercs means I’m hesitant to let any of them die and end up save-scumming, unlike original X-Com where everyone is pretty much replaceable.


I think I asked once on Bear’s Pit if maps are stored in text files. That would have made it a lot easier for someone like me to experiment with random maps. (I have made random maps for other games.)

But fast forward a decade, and I am kind of sick of nearly every new game using procedural generation. 90% of the time it is inconsequential or just plain sucks.


I regret creating this thread. Ugh.


If you start a thread about a game, you should be forced to play it. :D


Fuck, that’s cold man, especially in this instance. ;)


I regret reading it :(


Yeah. It’s like the proof of concept for Jagged Alliance. Now we build the full game.


I wish they would X-Com 2 Jagged Alliance.


What you people expected, lol. From the first trailer it looked like this: a small scope tactical game which someone has slapped the JA name. Things like UI already revealed it was another type of game.