J'ai une âme solitaire: Solitaire Boardgaming Megathread!

Wow, thanks for spotting the Legendary James Bond app, which is free on the App Store. It is indeed another Legendary game, with mechanics similar to those of the fantasy-themed Legendary DXP I linked earlier. But there are differences, not just in theme but also in gameplay.

The Bond game lets you permanently buff cards, and it has “missions” that behave differently than the enemies in the fantasy game. Also, while both games have a tutorial, the Bond campaign begins as a second tutorial, because you win by defeating the Mastermind tactic just once. (It gets harder as it progresses.) Now that I’ve played both games for a couple hours, I’d say the Bond game (tutorial plus campaign) might be easier for a newcomer than the fantasy one.

I don’t think the art in either game is great. The fantasy art features some odd proportions. The Bond art is simply screenshots from the movies, but Bond movies look better in motion than in stills.

Still and all, these are great free ways to try this Legendary thing. Of course they have the usual free-to-play shenanigans (“energy” that replenishes slowly over time, premium currency, unlocks, etc), but there’s a surprising bit of free content.

I like dice chucking, like Elder Sign or Planet Apocalypse … but those empty die faces. I tried again, got my 3 dice for 1 round, failed to achieve anything, next 2 rounds escalted 2 times +1, so I lost my 3rd die again. Could not talk him down, stuck on 2 dices, way off the threshold to get a 3rd one.

My very first game went way better, rolled almost constantly 1 or 2 successes every time. Freed all hostages minus one, could not get the last one and the timer ran out. But since then (total outlier with so many successes) I just can’t roll anymore…

Before I got the game, I thought the cards would help with the dice. But to activate, you also need success. The reroll-card is OK, but you can reroll 1 die, and then it is only a chance of 1:3 to roll a success, pretty bad odds.

Don’t know what to make of it, there must be a way to play “smart” … but you need some good rolls.

I missed a rule that you can discard a card for 1 CP … not sure if it makes a difference, it could help. I wish they had this rule on the back of the card. I think in Final Girl, they have it, so that’s when I played HN and the back of the card missed that rule, I did not check the rulebook.

Hostage Negotiator I think I am done. This is such a disappointing experience. 50% fail rate per die is too much. I played the professor case file. Even if I get to use 3 dice - more often than not I miss with all 3 dice. The math is totally skewed against the player. I rage quit now… I will cancel my Final Girl order at Game Steward, this system is just not for me…

It’s a really terrific game system that creates some good opportunities for tactics and in campaign games for an over-arching strategy. I’ve put maybe 30 hours into the game over the last year, and while I still lose games, I don’t lose too terribly often. (It does have some tricky rules that I’ve seen get missed a lot with discards not being re-buyable until the next turn and things like that.)

Diff’rent strokes.

in HN or FG? I still don’t want to give up so fast. I rage un-quit and try to stay calm. What I did was when I failed a test, I threw in the next card for a test, and then the next until I burned through all my cards and maybe only 2 cp left for the next round.

You really need to stay calm as a negotiator!

I like this session report

Definitely! The one off, zero to hero of Massive Darkness 2 is great in an era saturated in 100 hour campaign board games. It also has solid rules for 10ish hour campaigns in several boxes too.

I gave my KS all-in of Massive Darkness 2 a few spins this weekend as well. I know it won’t be the cup of tea of many here, but I really, really enjoyed it. It is definitely a dice chucking dungeon crawler. But what I really like about it is that it is essentially a paper and plastic video game. It is part Diablo, part rogue-like, and part character class mini game. I too love how the classes are hugely different from each other. They are not deep thinky or anything, but each experience is pretty unique such that playing the same scenario as a Wizard instead of a Barbarian is refreshingly different than just some ability change ups.

The randomness is great too. I throughly enjoy the modularity that seeds random elements so that you can trim or go nuts with content from MD2, MD1, Zombicide Black Plague, and Zombicide Green Horde (the last 3 if you have the conversion packs). The way they adjusted special abilities of the enemies also gives them a lot more flavor than before. Fighting Imps that blow themselves up on heroes (totally a video game thing) is notably different than Nymphs that charm the heroes into beating themselves up. The same is true for the roaming monsters. The fire spewing Cerebus who’s fire never goes out is very different from the fallen angel Andra jumping off the game board to land on heroes in later turns (again, totally a video game move).

It’s all just…fun. I rate it very highly as a light, solo playable dungeon crawl as it can be played truly solo (one hero).

I’m not sure what you mean by double activation. The AI is very Zombicide in that Mobs (leader plus minions) go for the nearest hero. They all move/attack twice like a Zombicide runner. The roaming monsters only activate once, but that single activation tends to be two actions blended if they satisfy a special line in the AI, or 2 standard actions if their lines don’t apply. Bosses activate constantly (after every hero instead of the enemy phase).

My biggest issue so far is the game seems rather varied in difficulty, but that can be a plus in the toolbox sense. The first few scenarios and most of the critters in the core box seem easier than other scenarios or critters. I like my co-op or solo hard so I’ve already bumped things up. I give every model a black die (thus adding 1 via leader or roaming monsters instead of only minions) to make them hurt more and so characteristic specials go off more often. I might give the Roaming Monsters two passes at the AI like Descent, but I’m not sure. I’m also tinkering with the idea of giving enemies more shields each tier so that attack based special (claws) get their moment too. Even rules as written, I find it solid though.

A lot of it is not KS exclusive, but I do expect it to be out of print (and thus crazy expensive) fairly fast. Any character class box is a good idea to pick up ASAP. I also expect there could be some deals to be found on bit MD1 being sold off. If someone could snag a full MD1 KS and the upgrade card pack (or just the pack and proxy stuff) it would add a ton of content and maybe on the cheap as MD1 (without the upgrade card pack) is inferior in every way. That said the core box content is way more than they usually put in the core.

I can’t stop thinking about MD2 today. I find the randomness and character building via level choices and gear (very rogue-like) just so engaging. I’m totally going to prep more KS content over the week then play the heck outta it next weekend.

It’s been awhile but I remember Zombicide having cards in the AI deck that were “2X Zombie turns” so the zombies got to basically do the zombie activation phase twice in a row. This made it always a risk even if you thought you were “safe”.

I agree that MD2 might be a tad easy. I’ve been playing true solo and I am thinking about adding a second spawn point to get more mobs on the table. I like the idea of giving leaders a black die too.

I think the gear and player powers is just awesome in MD2! Hopefully I can tune up the difficulty just a smidge and I think it will be perfect.

I did order the Campaign expansion and the Monks/Necromancers expansion as well. I haven’t played the campaign at all though. I like having it as an option, but honestly the “one-off” adventure is a huge plus for me here.

I do regret not backing for all the stretch goals if I’m honest, but at the time it was funding I wasn’t playing any Boardgames (I had a friend who is the worst sort of Euro-Snob and was always hassling me about how the Euro was the superior form of game (Insert comic book guy voice for proper effect here). That soured me on Boardgames for a bit if I’m honest. MD2 campaign was during that “soured” period. Oh well.)

after my un-rage quit, I calmed down and tried another time the professor lady. And was successful. Instead of expecting 2 success, I expected mostly to roll blanks and tried to take failure into account.

The terror deck was brutal, made me discard 2 terror cards or half the terror deck. I had this twice, so lost a lot of time there too.

However, I extracted most of the hostages, let her kill some and then took her out with a sniper. Rescued the final student and won the game.

Well done! Congrats.

I know that it’s not much solace, but the game with this set of mechanics that I’ve put the most time into is indeed Hostage Negotiator, with the campaign mode that comes in that game’s final expansion. And that campaign gives you a few more chances at die roll mitigation.

FWIW, my understanding is that selling cards for 1 CP is not just an important thing to have missed but actively crucial to playing well, and that you should, as much as it goes against one’s sense of how one might play a game like this, actively have quiet turns where you don’t actually play any cards.

Final Girl also does this, but importantly its equivalent of CP is Time, and you refill to 6 every turn instead of returning to 0.

I was gonna mention this yesterday but I wasn’t sure if it applied to Hostage Negotiator. I definitely went through a learning curve with Final Girl. I started having better success when I stopped ignoring the Planning and Improvise cards. They help a lot!

But I don’t mind losing badly given the high-stakes theming and the low time commitment. It’s part of the fun when things go hellishly wrong.

I recently abandoned my fourth Sleeping Gods campaign after one event deck. I was playing with all the optional/expert rules which I think I could have handled. But I kept finding dead ends with my quests and wasting precious time. I only had one totem and my ship was almost sunk at the start of the second event deck. So I scrapped it and now I’m digging into Arkham Horror for the first time.

Huzzah! Once I get all moved and such, I have an itch there, too.

Card game? Third edition boardgame? Or even earlier?


Card game! A few months ago I accidentally bought the original core set but trig set me straight and i exchanged it for the newer, revised box.

I have discovered that NOTHING makes me want to play a specific boardgame more than packing it into a moving box and then taping up the moving box to seal it up.

Ha! That’s hilarious and totally relatable.

I actually had a legit nightmare a few months ago right after I bought Sleeping Gods, Arkham Horror, and Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion. I was in a game store at the register with my wallet out buying four more large games. It wasn’t the financial outlay that was freaking me out, it was where the hell am I gonna store these things?

I had a similar experience when living away from home last year. I was living in a studio unit and all too often, I wanted to sit down and play game. But I had a shortage of space, and the game I did bring with me was Renegade and I was not at all interested in playing in. Plus even then, I still didn’t feel like I had the space to accomodate playing it. It was awkward, my laptop was in the way and the lighting was bad such that I always cast a shadow over everything.

I do hope your new place has some great gaming space for you though!

Sometimes I feel like I don’t even know you people. :(

You have a very important decision ahead of you, young man. Which is the first game that will make it to the table in your new place? Which game will you favor by releasing it first from the shackles of your packing? Sleeping Gods? Final Girl? Some mild time waster to break the ice? Or jump right into a new Arkham Horror or Pathfinder or Apocrypha campaign?


OMG, I finally beat the Voracious Goddess curse in 7th Continent. I have no idea how many times I’ve run it, but I bought the game at the last game flea market before the pandemic lockdown, so – over two years ago (yeesh).

I think I got some lucky breaks this time – or maybe I’ve just gotten really unlucky all the other times! I had a good amount of favorable random events (it normally seems like they’re almost always bad). And when I did get a bad event, like getting attacked by a bear, I was well-equipped enough to take it on, and get more food as a bonus.

Plus of course I’ve done it enough times that I know where the stuff is you need to get, so that makes it much easier than all the backtracking you end up doing the first time(s).

I may have made some rules mistakes here and there, but I doubt it mattered that much, because in the end it wasn’t even close – I had almost the entire deck left, plus some food to spare. I never ran out of cards, although I did get down to 3 in the deck at one point. I thought I might have been hosed then, but I got an event which let me take a serenity card out of the discards – which of course was Remember, which let me take the fire starter out of the discards, which let me cook the food I was carrying around. Saved!

Oh, and I was using Amelia Earhart. I read somewhere that Frankenstein is easy mode, and I did try that several times, but Earhart is pretty darned good.

Man, that was epic. Probably gonna put it away for a while now, but who knows, maybe I will try to conquer some other curses before 7th Citadel comes out!

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