J'ai une âme solitaire: Solitaire Boardgaming Megathread!

Further: if you don’t enjoy deck-building, I’ve found the starter decks that FF sells to be perfectly credible decks. They’re not gimped in any way, as those kind of products can sometimes be.

LOL, tibbs! And thanks for the suggestions, Tom and charm!

I’m glad to hear the game is difficult to win, as it should be with horror. I never minded losing in Final Girl so I’m sure this will be the same. Deckbuilding sounds cool but I think I’ll stick with the pre-made decks.

Yes, I’ll be playing Night of the Zealot. I’d love to co-play with you and compare notes and ask dumb questions. I’m hoping to start tomorrow but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to play or how long it’ll take me to learn or even how long it takes to play.

And if you’re looking for some video rules help, there are options now.

When FFG put out the new version of the starter set last year, they also commissioned Mr. How To Play himself, Rodney Smith, to do a brand new full rules video. So that’s here:

And as ever, though it’s obviously going to be a bit spoily, this “let’s play” is easily my favorite on Youtube. Two new players who are learning as they go, and one player who knows the rules inside and out helping them with rules stuff, but not otherwise quarterbacking or pushing them to make certain choices.

I would also be up for a play-along, though I won’t get going until Friday at the earliest. But if that’s cool, count me in!

Happy to see AH: TCG getting some activity on here! I would also be interested in a NotZ play-along if one is happening.

I very much did not enjoy the deckbuilding aspect when I started playing, but it has since become my favorite and most time-consuming part of the game. The biggest thing that made me more interested in it was watching the PlayingBoardGames Youtube channel’s new player deck guides (I’ll try to link to the playlist below.) Find the video for an investigator you’re interested in trying, and watch them build a generic deck for them. They start with only core set cards, and recommend more effective or specific alternatives that come in each expansion.

Another thing that makes deckbuilding (and playing the game) much more enjoyable for me is the Arkham Cards mobile app. Seriously, it is astonishing that an app of this level of quality exists as a free boardgame support tool. The app tracks your campaign for you (including all of the rules, errata, narrative text and conditional setup instructions thay may be spread across multiple books and folded one-sheets.) It tracks the campaign log, contents of the chaos bag, experience points, deck upgrades, situational encounter actions, and more. And it has a better deckbuilding interface than ArkhamDB, in my opinion. I cannot recommend it enough.

PlayingBoardGames New Player Guides Playlist

Arkham Cards

Good lord! That app sounds impressive. Thanks for the info.

I’m starting to wrap my brain around the rules and it looks like the game mechanics share a lot in common with Sleeping Gods. This makes me feel better since I don’t have a lot of boardgaming experience.

I’m surprised a bunch of you want to replay the base campaign Night of the Zealot. Guess this game offers a lot of replay value!

I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, I don’t really care which scenario I play. I’m just looking for a little group encouragement to get back into it, kinda like going to the gym. I’ve been playing a lot of Arkham Horror Third Edition lately, so that’s the inertia I have to overcome. From the regular Arkham Horror to the card game version. That’s not as easy a leap as you’d think!

Also, you should know that some of us have the remastered version of the base campaign that we haven’t played yet. :) One man’s Night of the Zealot is another man’s Return to The Night of the Zealot!

Also also, I think I’m going to pull out one of the weird later characters they added in the later expansions, to pair with a more vanilla character. So this might be a rude surprise for me.

We should get our own thread! Or hijack the old one!

Yeah, I’m mostly interested to see how quickly I can kill off a couple of investigators I’ve never played, in the Return to Night of the Zealot…which I’ve never gotten around to, but which I guess ups the difficulty.

One of my local FLGS was quitting a bunch of the original LOTR LCG stuff. Basically the 2nd edition and FFG’s plans for re-release aligned to 2nd edition meant that nobody was buying 1st edition stuff.

Muahahahaha! Except for me!

They had heaps of 1st ed stuff marked down 50%! I picked at 30 or so assorted adventure modules and expansions to significantly grow out my collection for a steal! (For those not familiar, there is practically no difference between 1st and 2nd ed, other than packaging and release methodology).

I now find myself with around 75% of the released 1st Ed content. That’s a LOT of solo goodness content to get through!

That is a nice haul! Congrats!

Wow, nice!

It’s a good game, but I finally petered out somewhere around the Heirs of Numenor. Maybe someday I’ll get back to it and at least finish the saga expansions.

I hauled out my Arkham Horror cards to prep for some Night of the Zealoting, and I found these oversized cards that hadn’t been integrated with the rest:

Does anyone know what those are from? They don’t appear in the ArkhamDB site. I’m not even sure which campaign they go with?

They seem to come from this set, though I couldn’t tell you how exactly one is supposed to actually use them.

Ah, yes, that’s exactly it, Otagan. Found it now in the Return to Circle Undone rules. They’re an optional variant that you can apply to any scenario before you play. Basically, draw a card and now you’ve got a global bonus or penalty for the whole game.

In other words, more junk that lets Fantasy Flight charge more money. :(

That said, the artwork is pretty cool.

The weekend is here and I’m diving in to Arkham!

For now, this is what I’m doing. There are a lot of cards and phases of gameplay to learn! Right now I’m working through the rulebook and trig’s video while I wait to discover how Roland will die. He just got attacked by a swarm of rats.

EDIT: I made us a thread for Arkham-ing…

I’m glad you said that because when you were mentioning Arkham Horror 3rd Ed in your prior post, I started a post asking about your thoughts on it based on the lukewarm reception it got on release, and whether you were playing with expansions, and if it became a good game. But I scrapped that post because honestly, Eldritch Horror is enough for me… and Arkham Horror LCG is enough for me, and I think I’ve been through enough iterations of the FF business model already to say enough is enough.

Though I am curious - are you playing AH with or without expansions?

As much as I complain about Fantasy Flight’s business model, I should point out that I’m not just a detractor, I’m also a sucker! I have every bit of content that Fantasy Flight has published for the Arkham Horror Living Card Game, with the exception of the painted minis. There was also some goofy dog-themed standalone adventure that I didn’t buy. But otherwise, I am a completionist with a healthy sense of self-loathing about it. :)

So the weird thing about Arkham Horror Third Edition is that it’s very different from its predecessors for the simple reason that it’s a carefully tuned action economy game instead of a wacky narrative engine. It’s my opinion that Arkham Horror Third Edition is one of the best designs Fantasy Flight has published in a long time, but it’s also one of the weakest storytelling engines, since it’s very nearly a Euro.

I didn’t care for it when I first got it. It was only through my recent playthroughs that I came to appreciate it, mostly through elements of the design I didn’t previously appreciate. I even think it bears up fine under the additional content Fantasy Flight sells, because the additional content tends to be discrete scenarios – like the Living Card Game, interestingly enough – rather than whole new systems jammed inelegantly onto, into, and underneath the existing content.

Nah that one was for a totally different game - Barkham horror. Completely different! 🤣

Also, going for obscene sums on the second hand market since they printed so few of them not anticipating high demand.

Ha! FF should be paying you for their marketing. In a vacuum, you could have sold me with your epiphany around the design and how the extra content doesn’t add bloat. But after thinking for a few moments, I still won’t touch AH 3rd ed because of the action economy rather than story telling component. I find too often in solo games I’ve played that games end too soon when there’s a tight action economy, normally right as I get the fun toys out to play with in a meaningful way. Mage Knight is the classic example in my mind, as both a game that has such a tight action economy, and a game that normally restricts opportunities to use “the good stuff.”

I’ve been playing a lot of Roll Player the last week or so. That is with both expansions which are a neccessary part of the experience. I mean, playing without the expansions is fine, but there’s no substantial wrinkles to influence decision making. The final foe and the various minions though add the much needed difficult decisions to the game. It’s not a game I’d recommend, but there are facets of the game I appreciate. I appreciate the sort of control I have over the random dice rolling, and the subsequent manipulation of dice, though I’m still trying to manage that better. I’m not sure if it is me, or a design aspect, but I never really think about how my character is developing more than a single turn in advance. I also appreciate how quick it is to set up and play. 30-45 minutes and I’m done. And related to what I said earlier, while there isn’t a lot of cool toys to play with, they don’t seem too gated off from use in a playthrough. It all depends on how the market deck shuffles out.

I went full into Roll Player and got both the expansions but it never really clicked with me. Maybe I haven’t been playing it often enough and going through three rulebooks for the setup was too much of a hassle but I just hadn’t enough fun. A while ago I tried the app (at the moment only base game) and liked it more but it will never be a favourite, especially for solo.
Then I discovered Intrepid and that was the game I was looking for. Love the theme (caring for the ISS during a meteor shower, a toxic leak, a solar storm), love how each player gets their box of dice and ISS modules and it’s a nice dice puzzler. The reviews aren’t overly enthusiastic. Maybe because if you play it with four people the lack of interaction becomes very apparent. I like it a lot for solo (two-handed) and for two players. Each country has its own rules for manipulating their dice, so there’s a lot to explore. So Intrepid is for me what Roll Player is for a lot of other players.