J'ai une âme solitaire: Solitaire Boardgaming Megathread!


My college buddy Paul has a solitaire/co-op game called Zero Hour that hits Kickstarter tomorrow. I imagine it will get funded, since their previous Kickstarters (his company is Split Second Games, and their most visible prior release is a blimp racing game called Quicksilver) have been easily funded and delivered on time and the ask is typically modest…because the game’s done and has been in testing for more than a year, and the funding is mostly production work.

Anyway, Zero Hour is a zombie game, lots of dice mechanics, and Paul swears they took a pretty good whack at solving the Pandemic Problem with it…and also creating a pulpy, fun take on zombies that isn’t as grim as others in the genre. Video link when I have it to come.


Yes please!


Be sure to play on super easy mode of you haven’t played yet. Game is BRUTAL.


Santa brought Zombicide: Black Plague. Enjoying the second scenario with a Zombicider (cider and Jamaica rum)!

I’m in deep doodoo…

I was able to trade bile and torch to Baldric, who smote the abomination and fatty. There’s still hope!

So, a fun solo-able light dungeon crawl. Rum not included.


Wow nice setup!


Played a solo game of Fallout! Love how the story evolves based on your decisions (very nice mechanic) and the annoying victory conditions isn’t a issue on solo. Though, I still like playing with other players better despite the clunky victory conditions.

Also played the recently revamped Doctor Who: Solitaire Story Game, a great game better with the additional doctor content! The best Doctor Who game ever made, most thematic game ive played, event better than the recent GF9 effort (and free). Has the feel of a legacy game without stickers lol

Other honorable mentions Dawn of the Zeds, Guardians’ Chronicles: Clash of Heroes, Nemos War!

Next up Star Wars: Imperial Assault and Gloomhaven


@David2, I’ll be interested in hearing how you manage Imperial Assault solitaire. I gather there are some solo rules available on BGG.

I played a session of Terraforming Mars solitaire the other day, and I enjoyed it. I managed to finish terraforming Mars just in time, but it was a close thing. I’ve also played the game multiplayer (with my kid), and while I prefer it that way, the solo experience was satisfying too.

Just now I completed a solitaire play of Wild Blue Yonder, GMT’s newly-revamped card game about WW2 air combat. It’s not really designed for solo play, except for the solo campaign to shoot down a V-1 rocket. Still, I wanted to try a “regular” campaign, so I played Stage I of “Rommel Attacks.” It worked reasonably well solo. With at least three hands in every mission, and often four hands, I usually had no clue what was in the other guys’ hands, lol. Especially as I’d perform each draw step by dealing cards face-down before moving on to the next pair of aircraft.

But wow, my Brits could not catch a break: nothing went right. Over the course of the campaign, the Germans successfully bombed an airfield and ground troops, they won an 8-aircraft dogfight, and they had no aircraft destroyed or even significantly damaged, while the Brits lost two fighters (and their pilots). Final score: 31-0 for the Axis, an Outstanding Result for Rommel.


Even BETTER! Imperial Assault: Legends of the Alliance is a IPAD app! I played the tutorial, which was easy, it basically manages the imperial side for you! It actually manages the complete campaign for you! It hides triggers from you, it tells you what to do when the trigger is hit, it gives you the actions of the enemy and what they can do (hard to explain). It has extra decisions to make in-between missions that add/effect the game! It has a very nice slick interface for it all, you semi think you are playing merge of a computer/board game!


I tried Fallout solo and really didnt like it. Dont know why but was hoping for a good time…liked it better playing with my kid.

Been playing Perdition’s Mouth and really enjoy the tactical battles.


I was over the moon when I got Wild Blue Yonder and have only managed to actually play it once. I want to devour all those campaigns and boy there are a lot of them. I can’t imagine this as a solo game either so my hats off to you for trying.

Tom Mc


Even BETTER! Imperial Assault: Legends1 of the Alliance is a IPAD app!

Wow, I had no clue about the companion app! I’m gonna check it out lickety-split. I have the boxed game sitting here, and I’ve never played it. Thanks for the heads-up!


Well, it’s not ideal for solo play, but I’ve really enjoyed it. Solitaire a good way to learn the system, and it’s fun in its own right. When I solo wargames, I enjoy seeing how things play out. The more the Brits encountered hard knocks in my little campaign, the more I was rooting for them, but the cards wanted what they wanted.

Unquestionably it’ll be better multiplayer. I hope you have an opponent!


It only came out very recently.


Always wanted this but it’s almost impossible to get without selling vital organs. But now it’s up for a reprint via preorder with GMT’s P500 system!

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much interest yet. I hope it gets there!

(Atlantic counterpart ‘The Hunters’ and the new ‘Hunted’ are doing much better)


I enjoyed “The Hunters,” and I gather Silent Victory is a Pacific version of that system. It’s good gaming!

I’ve had “Fields of Fire” (2nd edition) on the table for the past week or so. I have picked up my solo Normany campaign where I left it some five years ago, heh. I’ve just finished the three patrols that make up Mission 3, the patrols at St Georges d’Elle in the summer of 1944. It was fun. The first patrol offered light resistance, but the second one was more harrowing. In the third one, two stubborn LMG nests prevented me from completing my patrol.

The last patrol featured an event that was amusing at first: my CO XO got lost in the dark and wandered into a swamp. Not so amusingly, this left my arty and mortar forward observers without a radio, and so I lost much of my fire support. And when they finally did manage to call in some fire (on their own initiative), one round went astray and landed in the swamp, wounding the lost XO!

The “second edition” features new counters and, most importantly, an improved rulebook. The rules are still complex, but they are better organized now. There’s an errata over at boardgamegeek. My favorite improvement is to the sequence of play: now you have to do all of one HQ’s actions before you move on to the next. That simplifies things, and it also adds more fog of war and interesting decisions – you have to commit to one platoon’s actions before you see the outcome of its fellow platoon’s attempts. Overall the new rules are a big improvement, but annoyingly they still leave some questions unanswered. Fortunately, the developers do still answer questions over at the Geek, and most questions can be answered with common sense anyway. The more I play, the less time I spend sifting thru the rulebook, but be warned that you’ll do a lot of that at first.

On the whole, I’m really enjoying it. The game tells a great story and constantly requires you to make tough decisions.


I really liked this game when i played it years ago, but it had some flaws. I did not know it has been revamped. Thank you for mentioning it. Downloading it now.


Correct! I’m really keen on the Pacific game otherwise I would have got The Hunters or its new sequel.

Coincidentally this is already in the mail, on its way here. Looking forward to it! :)


Can we discuss this more? My experience was more along the lines of this one.

I’d be very interested to hear more about your experience, not in the sense of arguing but just as a gamer.

Wasn’t the rule book for this a disaster? I recall the example of play was from the first edition so there were all sorts of undefined terms, and the rulebook itself was full of errors.


Can we discuss this more? My experience was more along the lines of this one.

I hadn’t seen Tom’s review, so I’m very glad you linked it. I agree with much of what Tom said, but I still enjoyed the experience. I liked the “UI” more than Tom did; I thought it was fun to move the chits around on my submarine. I suppose I’m strange, but I like a game with lots of charts to consult, lol. I recall tense moments, and I recall genuine relief when I made it out of a sticky situation alive. I liked promoting crew members and such. The game also prompted me to read more about U-Boats, and any game that induces me to learn something is a Good Thing.

That said, I do remember thinking I wish there were more interesting decisions, and eventually I suppose that’s why I moved on to other things. I probably won’t get the Pacific version, but I don’t regret purchasing “The Hunters.”

Wasn’t the rule book for this a disaster? I recall the example of play was from the first edition so there were all sorts of undefined terms, and the rulebook itself was full of errors.

Absolutely, the first edition rulebook for “Fields of Fire” was a train wreck! It was vague, confusing, and poorly-organized. But there’s a second edition rulebook now, and an “upgrade kit” to convert your FoF v1 game to the new edition. The new rulebook is hardly perfect, but it’s a significant improvement. It has a glossary of terms, and the sequence of play is easier to follow and imposes more interesting decisions on the player. (You now have to expend all of an HQ’s commands before moving on to another one, which means you’ve got to think harder about the order in which you do things.) I was able to get up and running much quicker this time.

So the rules have improved – but they still need work. It would benefit from more enumeration of rules and exceptions. The rules on command are much improved, but even these aren’t perfect. The command-track goes up to 9; does that mean I can’t earn more than 9 commands? (Answer: you can earn more than 9, but you can’t save more than 9, so you keep track in your head if you go above 9, and then mark the number of saved commands when you’re done. Why not give me a track with more than 9 spaces, then?) I finally do grok radios and phones, but I had to read and re-read, and play, to “get” it. For me, the most confusing bit is how units behave when they are firing at each other. (Can I concentrate fire if I’m on the same card as an enemy? I think the answer is no.) I end up spending precious time searching for answers on BGG. Sometimes I post, and I usually get a helpful response after a day or two, but that always leaves me debating whether to play on or wait. So the rules used to be an F; now they’re about a C+.

But the gameplay, for me, is really great. I feel like I’ve learned how a WW2 company works. I get the relationship among the CO (typically a captain), the 1st Sgt, the CO XO, and the 3 platoon commanders (lieutenants). I see the importance of establishing attachments before entering battle. I see how command and control degrades the moment you send a squad off alone into the woods to scout. (The US army could not afford radios for everyone in WW2 or Korea, and the “handie talkie” radio they often used had limited range – what we’d call a walkie-talkie today.)

The game also has emotional impact. When I take casualties, I get genuinely bummed out. I got mad at myself the other day when I ordered a small LMG team to cover the retreat of a squad in front of it – and the LMG team became casualties while the squad retreated safely. I felt downright guilty about it! Or then there was the CO HQ who got lost in the dark and wandered alone into a swamp – and then my arty barrage went astray and wounded him. But it’s not all tragedy. I like tracking my company over time. I take green replacements for casualties, and I promote survivors. The new edition doesn’t insist you restart the entire freaking campaign if you fail a mission twice; now you can just plunge ahead, “roleplaying” a commander who wins some and loses some.

I guess a few people think there aren’t enough interesting decisions in FoF. My reaction is that they haven’t fully grasped the vast array of decisions at every juncture. When your scout arrives and finds itself under fire, should it use its precious General Initiative (assuming it drew one) to seek cover (not guaranteed), pop smoke, concentrate fire, toss illumination, deploy a pyrotechnic, fire a rifle grenade? Or should I use that precious initiative on some other unit, perhaps a forward observer to try to call down fire on the enemy? Or on another unit to try to flank it? Or to enter its card? The more you you play, the more decisions you realize you have to make. I think that’s good stuff.

So yep, FoF still has problematic rules, but they’re better now, and the gameplay is great. :)


It just got here! And it’s in a cloth satchel, just like one would expect an adventurer to use!