J'ai une âme solitaire: Solitaire Boardgaming Megathread!

I’ve had fun playing Tiny Epic Galaxies solo (including the expansion). There are actually different boards to use for the AI opponent, which mixes things up a bit from one session to the next.

So yeah, I’d recommend Tiny Epic Galaxies as a solo game.

I’ve only played Tiny Epic Western. Can’t imagine doing it solo, seems pointless, if it’s even possible.

The sale at MM is over, right? I tried to check it out and looks like they’re all at $20 each now.

Ahhh, nevermind, I’m able to find it today for some reason.

So what’s everyone playing solitaire nowadays? I’m thinking about picking something up just for a change a pace while cooped up.

7th Continent Classic? Marvel Champions?

For 7th Continent, I finished two of the main original curses now in the past week, one unsuccessfully, the other on the easier mode of the game, and got I think a good ending. I think I’m going to try one of the curses from the big box expansion next. I love the game, but it isn’t for everyone. It’s very different, something like a blown-up choose your own adventure game, or more closely a boardgame representation of a point and click adventure game.

I also managed to lose a game of Nemo’s War, so I think I’m going to try @hassanlopez’ suggestion and play with the expansions enabled and try the Adventure track.

I picked up a copy of the 7th Continent kickstarter version (with the expansion) at a game flea market just before everything shut down. A lucky find (although I probably paid too much for it). I have played it a bit and quite like it, which is weird, I really shouldn’t. I have failed the big curse from the main box a couple times, and (barely) succeeded at the intro quest from the expansion box. Haven’t had a chance to get it out in a couple weeks, maybe this weekend…

I’ve been trying to learn Lifeform. Thinking about going back to Nemesis but I just need to push through all the rules and start playing. I’ve got stuck in a lull not playing any of my 40 odd board games for the past 3 months or so…not sure why. So many hobbies, not enough time…almost wish I’d lose my job over this virus crap so I’d have more time for everything. Errr…maybe not.

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Solved that puzzle. :)

Green left, yellow up, blue up, red right, red down, purple left, red up, red right, green up, red left.

How difficult did the puzzles get beyond that one?

I’m playing Descent 2nd Edition with the app that lets you play solo. Good beer-and-pretzels crawler.

I had no problems with 31 and 32, but then they get considerably harder. Trying them on and off, I think I need roughly 30-60 minutes to solve. I am on 39 now. The board is great, you can store all figures in it, you can fix them like Lego. Great portable game.

Lifeform is awful. If anyone wants to buy a copy cheap, hit me up. :(


The solo expansion was bad? I’m disappointed, I always thought it was a beautiful game and wanted to try it someday.

Yes. It’s the usual awkward attempt to jam a square peg into a round hole. Lifeform is a (not very good) multiplayer design based on the Scotland Yard model of players trying to puzzle out another player’s hidden movement. The solo mode not only puts the hidden movement on AI control, it takes away the cool character interaction. Imagine Fury of Dracula with one vampire hunter.

The sad fact is that before they came out, I poo-poo’ed Nemesis and went all-in on Lifeform. Boy, did I get that one backwards. :(


I didn’t mind my first playthrough of solo Lifeform but I also had my Nemesis box next to it and put Lifeform away as soon as I was done…Nemesis for the win.

Trying to learn Machina Aracana now…although I’m sick of dungeon crawl types.

Boy, you sure know how to pick 'em, Sal! Unlike my copy of Lifeform, I was able to sell my copy of Machina Arcana. It’s the kind of dungeon crawler that makes me appreciate that maybe – just maybe – Gloomhaven isn’t so bad, after all. :)


Playing solo modes or solo boargames to me is kind of like watching movies. I used to just love sitting in a theater and being transported away from reality and I was not critical at all. After watching thousands of movies, I now rarely can find one I really like as I pick apart so many things instead of just enjoying the journey. Same with games…really kind of tired of them…so many dungeon crawls, so many euros…just the excitement of new games really doesnt hit me anymore. I guess that’s life.

I started reading the manual and thought about the drudgery of learning yet another set of rules for the same kind of experience…so it might be gonig bye bye also…I did pledge $1 for Frosthaven even though I bought and sold Gloomhaven twice as I just got tired of scenariio after scenario and I guess I also just have ADD.

Awww. Well, I appreciate your warning, fwiw! I’ve heard great things about Nemesis, but it seems like it would be awful solo. No more traitor element!

I can’t say first-hand, but I’ve been told and had explained to me that the solitaire Nemesis campaign is actually pretty solid. Unfortunately, it was some kind of Kickstarter exclusive that doesn’t come with the retail version, which is one of the main reasons I don’t own Nemesis.