J'ai une âme solitaire: Solitaire Boardgaming Megathread!

The announcement reads like they won’t be doing new games, just making solo add-ons for existing mutliplayer-only games.

You could be right, but that seems a narrow thing do create a separate studio for.

Command and Colours Solo Module available for P500 pre-order now…

Was quite interested to see that someone developed a solo variant for 4th Edition BattleCON, a head to head dueling game that I have spent way too much money on and love but almost never have the right player count for (i.e., 2):

I haven’t tried it to see if I like it yet, having just found out about it, but there’s a (slightly outdated) playthrough video by the guy who came up with it in the thread, and I’m interested to do so. He also came up with one for L99’s other big dueling card game, Exceed (and yes now they have a third one in Sakura Arms, but their version isn’t out yet.) which is here:
I don’t own or play Exceed myself.

In a much lighter vein, today is my birthday. I had the day off and my wife wanted to make sure I had new games I could play solo. So she got me 2 Button Shy wallet games to play today.

Sprawlopolis (1-4 players)

Food Chain Island (solo only)

I had heard lots of good things about their wallet games and they deliver. Fit in your pocket. Easy to learn and set up and a very nice way to spend some time solving a puzzle based on 18 cards.

Of the 2, Sprawlopolis has the crunchier puzzle. Every move you make is a compromise that keeps you unsure of whether you will teach the target score.

The base game of Food Chain Island is easier. But it’s so cute and well designed. And it comes with plenty of alternative configurations to make the game more challenging. I’ve enjoyed it a lot too.

If you are interested in their games, Shut Up and Sit Down has a fun review of those and others.

Oh nice, I watched that SUSD and some of them looked really fun, especially Sprawlopolis and its variants.

I like Sprawlopolis. I backed the Agropolis Kickstarter but never actually completed the pledge because I’m not sure I need two opolises, but I’d recommend the one.

I’m curious to try it 2 players but, really, it’s perfect as a neat little 1 player puzzle.

It appears you can combine the games in some fashion if you have both? I wonder what that would do to the puzzle and whether it would be as good as standalone though. The game is so quick and easy to bring to the table as is.

Yes, there is a small expansion called Combopolis that allows you to combine the two.