J'ai une âme solitaire: Solitaire Boardgaming Megathread!

Hah, fair assessment. I’m looking forward to hearing more about everyone’s experiences with it.

On the other end of the complexity spectrum, I got an unexpected surprise in the mail: the kickstarted Lucky Seven solitaire card game from the Zachtronics guy. I only backed it a couple months ago?

And it’s great! It’s a super-light tactical puzzle game with just enough thematic flavor to hold your interest for the 10 minutes it takes to play. I don’t know that there can be spoilers for a game this light, but I laughed out loud when setting up the game for the first time, thinking, “Wait, I have eight guys in my squad. Why ‘Lucky Seven’?”

Halls of Hegara starts shipping this week!

Hit some retailers in Europe already.

Worker placement, deck building and area control. I’m super excited

Ordered. Thanks. I hope!

As a solitaire boardgamer blessed with an abundance of table space and free from the scourge of pets or spouses, I had lived a charmed life. Until this morning, when I woke up and walked into the kitchen. There on the floor was my player aid for The First Jihad, which had been sitting next to my months-long ongoing game, which was going pretty well. And around the player aid, scattered across the floor, were a handful of crucial components: the action point marker for the Great King of the Khazars in Armenia, the marker for the advance of Islam along the North African coast, all the markers for the Baqt keeping the peace in Egypt and Nubia.

It’s been really hot here lately, and I’ve been sleeping with the windows open at night to catch whatever cool breeze blows. And I’ve been running fans like crazy during the day until it gets so hot I relent and turn on the air conditioning. So I know what sort of winds tend to blow here and how they might affect a game I’ve had out for literally months on end. I know how to be careful with curled cards and light sheafs. I know enough to print my player aid on hardy paper stock that lies flat. I know how the air moves in these rooms. The winds of this demesne are no mystery to me.

So I know that last night some unprecedented breeze entered my house, grabbed the corner of my player aid printed on hardy paper stock that lies flat, and dragged it across the surface of the known world, out of the Far East, through the shattered remains of Persia where the Sogdians and Hindus march, across the Arabian peninsula and the casbah, reaching to Armenia in the north and Alexandria in the south, wreaking havoc as it swept a handful of chits off the table and onto the abyss of the dining room floor.

The damage is inconceivable. I can restore the African baqt, but who knows how many action points the Khazars had left. One? Two? Could they have had three? And who remembers how far Islam had advanced in North Africa? Libya? Sufetula? Surely not! But who can say? The advance of Islam in North Africa is lost to the breeze of history forever.

In the face of this evidence, people still claim climate change doesn’t have effects on a global scale.

By glancing at the gif before reading the text, I was sure the culprit would be a bat that flew through the open window.

History is written by the victors; make something up and drive on. ;)

I don’t know how long it would have taken me to arrive at this as a solution to get back to the game. The power of following rules bends all thought towards it.

Blaming the breeze! Clearly, it was aliens.

I hate traffic. Except that I got a new game today and am at the Everett Marina just chilling and reading the rules. It’s a zombie game where the maps are out of a scenario book like Gloomhaven JOTL. The designer has a new game coming with updates from this system but hoping this first one is decent. Escape From Stalingrad Z. We will see!

Cool, that dude co-designed Legions of Steel! That’s some bone fides!

Anyone here receiving/playing Earthborne Rangers? Would love to hear some first impressions.

So here’s something interesting,


Against the Shadow is an expansion to the War of the Ring card game by Ian Brody. That game by itself isn’t solitaire in my mind at all. It looks like what this expansion does is entirely rewrite the evil side for playersto solo or cooperate against. I wonder how successful they will be in converting this to that solo experience.

Tried a solo game of Expeditions, the newest Stegmaier game. Not a big fan of the solo version…I might like playing with others but I have no others, so it’s solo only…and this one is not my fav. Out of all his games, Viticulture is best IMO…at least for solo. Scythe was ok but I just think his games are decent but not great. Worth a shot to buy and play but never top of the tier.

Sick of these more basic strategic/tactical games. Going to have a go at EA:Kharkov.

Stonemaier deserves a lot of credit for developing the concept of solitaire bots, as well as for the obvious work they’ve put into including them with their games. The problem for me is that the company has yet to develop a game that plays well as a solitaire experience. : (

Now we’re talkin’! I’ve had both Enemy Action games (Ardennes and Kharkov) queued up, but haven’t quite made the leap to learning them well enough to play. Please weigh in if you get to spend some time with it!

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At the moment playing some solo boardgames has become even more important for me than it already was. Gaming time is the time when I don’t think about my work (which I love but sometimes have to get away from) or the sorry state our world is in. After Essen I really have started to carve out more time to set up a game and just lose myself in it.
The White Castle is a joy to play. Some criticize the automa as being too tough but I don’t care. I just like the flow of the game and as you only have nine actions per game you try to make every move count. I don’t know if it’s the final nail in the coffin for A Feast for Odin or if it prepares me for it. AFfO is a game I try to love but at the moment I just like it somehow and before I set it up there are games I’d rather play. I know it’s good but maybe just not for me.
Yesterday I played Nemo’s War again after a long time and this is a game in which I suck but I still have fun.
Samurai Spirit is an alltime favourite of mine. I very rarely beat it but it’s so fast and easy and has this “one more try” feeling for me.
Sideroom Games has a lot to offer: Black Sonata, Maquis, Mechanical Beast and For Northwood are just great little games.
I promised @tomchick to write something about Cyberion which I bought in Essen. I wanted to take some pictures but at the moment I’m just so happy to play when I’ve time for it that I’m just too lazy to document anything (even if it’s just taking a few photos). But you can find good pictures at bgg. So far I’ve just played the base game and I find it more accessible than Stellarion where I found myself very often referencing again which card power does what. You have to repair machines with your robots. You do this by playing robot cards (basically suits in a card game) according to the requirements the machines have (play two 2s, three times the same colour etc.). Each robot/suit has a special abitlity which gets stronger when upgraded. Upgrades are paid for with repaired machines.
Like I said, I’ve only played the base game but I bring it out far more often than its predecessor already.
In Essen I met the designer of the Oniverse games, Shadi Torbey. We talked a bit and I told him how much I’m looking forward to the re-release of Urbion. I’ve got the first edition and I think it’s my favourite in the Oniverse series, because the gameplay is so simple and fun. He showed me a prototype of the new version. It will have the new box format, reworked art and more expansions.
So, that’s my way too long report.
And thanks again @tomchick. You’re the reason I looked into solo boardgames (I think it was the review for Darkest Night or for Onirim). Darkest Night is still one of my favourite games.
I’m so happy to have gotten into this hobby. And over the years I found some other people who are into boardgames.

Since you didn’t mention the outcome, should I assume a loss? What was it that got you? Your crew zero’ed out, didn’t it? I bet it was that or your hull? : )

Thanks so much for checking in! I’ve been seeing Cyberion trickle into online retailers over the last few days, so the long national nightmare of my Oniverse collection being incomplete is nearly over!

Whoa, talk about burying the lede! Why didn’t you say so sooner? This is incredibly cool not only that you got to meet Torbey in person, but that you got an Urbion 2.0 demo from The Man himself!

Hey, here’s a question for you, @countzero: Do you know if there’s new artwork in the Urbion update? Like you, I have a treasured original printing of Urbion, thanks to the incredible kindness of @marquac, but I can’t imagine they’re replacing any of Elise Plessis’ art. Is she doing new artwork? Does it even need any new artwork? I guess if there are “more expansions”, that means Plessis has been commissioned for more art!

At any rate, I can’t get too excited for a game I’m already privileged to own. Besides, I’ve got plenty of excitement stored up for Cyberion. And despite my niggling complaints, I’ve really come around on Skoventyr. Inpatience – Torbey’s publishing company for the Oniverse games and Skoventyr – has proven itself aptly named for how eager I am to get my mitts on whatever they’re doing!

That’s great to hear! I’m looking forward to Cyberion, as well!

Ditto, that! This article got me to try the solo mode of a few games that were gathering dust during the pandemic, and I was hooked. My wallet does not thank him.

Actually I had the impression that I did quite well. Hull, Nemo, Crew, everything was rather ok. I just didn’t get that many points. When I finished (explorer on sailor difficulty) I had 183 points and thought “Ok, that can’t be so bad” but it was a failure. As there was nothing to search for in the oceans I guess I should have relied more on drawing adventure cards. But I just have to play more often to find out. I’ve had the game now for some years, play it, find it very good but then it goes back to the shelf and next time I play it I have to get into it from the start again.
Regarding Urbion: Elise Plessis still does the art. From what I’ve seen the new artwork seems a bit… softer? I don’t have a word for it. But some people seemed to find the original art ugly (which I never understood) but the new design isnt’t a completely new direction. And as you said: The expansions will need new artwork, so maybe they wanted to try a slightly reworked consistent design. It was funny. I went to thank Torbey for the good time I had with his games and he was very welcoming and friendly. And it was one of this convention moments when two people need some time to find out they speak the same language (German). When I said that I’m looking forward to seeing what the new version of Urbion will bring he said: “Well, as you already know the game…” and got the prototype out. It was a bit like “Here’s the good stuff from under the desk” :-)