Jailbreak apps?

Curious what anybody else is running out their for their favourite Cydia apps if they have a jailbroken iPhone. I just did a tally of the Jailbreak apps I have on my iPhone 4 running 4.21:

blue battery for iphone 4
browser changer
icon renamer
mark read
notified pro
photo albums+ for iphone
weather widget for lockinfo
yourtube 2

Mobile Notifier (This alters the way the notifications work and is an absolute must have)

The rest (easily Googlable)…

sbsettings (and various addons)
ifile (file manager etc)
Browser Changer (with Atomic as the browser)
Cyntact (Shows a photo next to each of your contacts)
Five Icon Dock (Five icons. On the dock)
Flashlight (a simple flashlight that maxes the screen brightness on start up)
ManualCorrect (another must have… it flips the nature of how autocorrect works. Instead of tapping to prevent the autocorrect, you tap to allow it. Much nicer.)
MultiCleaner (makes multitasking work properly)
NoSpot (gets rid of the spotlight search entirely)

(I’m also on 4.21)

I do this to have Growl-style auto-disappearing notifications.

Don’t have a iOS device but RetinaPad intrigues me maybe enough to jailbreak once I do.

Anyone know if it’s possible to output the sound and picture from an iPhone to a PC screen using the normal cables or wireless with a jailbroken iPod Touch? I’ve tried using Veency but that’s not fast enough to keep up with video. Is there anything else?

nothing from what i’ve found until i can get my hands on the new adapter.

My list:

lockinfo (displays new emails/texts/appointments on your lock screen)
mobilenotifier (as mentioned, makes iOS notifications not suck by turning them into tray icons)
mywi (turns phone into mobile wifi hotspot)
mywi-ondemand (turns phone into mobile bluetooth hotspot and lets your 3G-less iPad seamlessly connect to your phone on demand)
phone gv extension (integrates your Google Voice number into the native phone interface)
sms gv extension (routes all your texts through Google Voice)
winterboard (skinning)

XBMC on the Apple TV. Lets me watch videos off of my PC and makes turns the ATV from a hundred dollar Netflix player into a super cool and tiny HTPC replacement.

Edit: Oh, you meant just the phone :(

Time to jailbreak again.

Is there any compelling reason to upgrade to iOS 4.3? I’m kinda lazy.

Faster browser I guess would be the main reason. It is supposed to have made it quite a bit faster.

I’m making full use of hotspot support with my iPad 2.

Well, one of the reasons I jailbroke was for hotspot support :) I suppose I could be honest and downgrade my service from unlimited bandwidth to a 5G cap for $25 more a month… let me think about that a bit.

With the new Absinthe Jailbreak, I can JB my 4S and regain use of my paid-for JB apps.

It’s good to have SBSettings, BiteSMS and LockInfo back.

Awesome new theme:

Progress meters and dialog boxes are skinned too:

One last screenshot: