Jailbreaking your iPhone means you're a dirty pirate according to Square Enix

Title Jailbreaking your iPhone means you're a dirty pirate according to Square Enix
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When July 12, 2013

The image above is what you'll see if you try to play Deus Ex: The Fall on a jailbroken iOS device. A Reddit user posted the results of playing the game on his iPhone and others have confirmed the same behavior on their jailbroken devices..

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"We are sorry, but you cannot earn money by releasing stupid copy protections."

I agree. People who are inclined to jailbreak their phones are deviant and technologically advanced, as such they have a much higher chance of circumventing copy protections. I think jailbreaking a phone should render it useless, as it should be illegal to do so.


Funny thing is that it's trivial to get around as well.
OTOH, maybe it's a good thing you can't play that crap.

Feel free to disagree with me, but I consider it criminal and deviant behaviour to circumvent copy protections, including "jailbreaking" a.k.a. hacking your smartphone.

Which means that everyone who has a hacked ios device will not buy this game and thus square enix can just stop making such trash ios games and make a proper fucking expansion on deus ex already.

And some people consider it "criminal and deviant behavior" to not support a consumer's right to modify legally purchased goods to suit their own needs!

Fortunately, neither you nor those people are judges.

You consider it "criminal"? As in you should be arrested for it? You consider it a "deviant behavior"? As in violating social norms so as to taboo?

Closet deviant posting?

Your a dirty, dirty smartphone deviant!

I think jailing a phone sould be illegal. To begin first. So jailbroken sould not really needed. Who owns the phone? jailbreaking is like opening your car engine to fix it.

So they made a superior version for the pirates once again!

Yes, precisely. It should be punishable by jail time. It is absolutely taboo, only terrorists and hackers would even consider doing such a thing. They should all be locked up and the key thrown into the grate.

He's very, very obviously joking.