Jailbroken iPhones Getting Rickrolled

Jailbrken iPhones in Australia are getting rickrolled . This one may be just goofing around, but that usually heralds more sophisticated attacks that are likely to be more malevolent.

Well, it’s only hitting people who haven’t changed their default password which really isn’t anyone’s fault but the users.

Jailbreaking your phone and installing ssh and ignoring it when it suggests changing the default password is a brain flaw, not a security flaw.

From my understanding some guy in Europe already used this “exploit” to demand ~$10 ransom to his Paypal account from people

True enough but the extent of this would indicate that this lack of understanding in securing the phone is common.

Is jailbreaking an iPhone ridiculously easy or something? Because normally I would think the intersection of “people who know enough to hack their own HW” and “people dumb enough not to change their default passwords” would be relatively small.

Yes, it is stupidly easy.

You’d think the intersection of people who know enough to set up servers for large universities and corporations, and people dumb enough not to change default passwords would be small, and yet…

Am I giving people too much credit again? My bad - you’d think by now I’d know better.