James Gandolfini RIP

James Gandolfini died at 51 today of a heart attack. Sad to see him go, and quite unexpected.

God, I can’t believe it. RIP.


Nice find. That was great.

I loved him in The Man That Wasn’t There. In some ways the title referred to his character.

Great call on Man Who Wasn’t There. I didn’t watch The Sopranos, so his role in that movie was where I really came to appreciate him.

He was also stunningly good in Killing Them Softly. The way he would pause and fix Brad Pitt with his gaze. And, of course, he was a great stand-in for the American military’s role leading up to the invasion of Iraq in In The Loop. No one could go toe-to-toe with Peter Capaldi’s Scottish wolf like Gandolfini. He just oozed a sort of unsettling feral power in those movies.


I saw him last night in The Mexican, also with Brad Pitt - Such a great character, and yes, he has a thing with his face and eyes that is what totally sells him as the character he portrays. Such a great actor!

His performance in Killing Them Softly reminded me a lot of his portrayal of Tony Soprano. A dangerous mess of a man. The Sopranos is really worth watching for Gandolfini’s performance alone. It was, start to finish, a tour de force.