James Gunn's List of Quarantine Action Movies to Watch

Definitely worth working your way through this list. I’ve seen a lot of them, but I’ll be adding a bunch of the foreign films to my “to see” list.

What an outstanding list. I’ve seen most of these, but there’s still plenty I’ve not. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

Yep, that’s a list, all right. Like, literally, just a list of movie titles, without comment or context. I guess the links are helpful? But here’s the actual James Gunn Tweet, which is easier to read than a blog post with a ton of YouTube embeds:


Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within is a much better movie than its cheesetastic title would suggest.

Yes it is. We watched it last night and were very pleasantly surprised.

Tonight it was The Villainess which was likewise great. Lots of twists and turns to make it more than a typical action movie romp.

I’ve already seen like 90% of these. Some aren’t what I would consider action movies though like JSA, '71, etc.

I would add the French film District 13.

Bullitt (1868) ?!

So the Steve McQueen version was a remake? Huh. ;-)

the wagon wheel chase scene at the end of the movie is epic