James Wan gets to direct Aquaman


From Variety.

“We’ve been so lucky to have worked with James, first on New Line’s ‘The Conjuring’ and now on their upcoming ‘The Conjuring 2,’ and are thrilled to have him on board as we continue to expand our DC slate,” said Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production for Warner Bros. Pictures. “The Aquaman film will be a major tentpole picture for us and James’s span of work has proven him able to take on any manner of project, bringing his incredible creative talent and unique voice to the material.”

Not confirmed yet, but he’s also the lead pick to direct Sony’s Robotech movie.


I was going to say James Wan has come a long way since he was a nervous Australian kid I watched doing Q&A after a midnight Sundance screening of a clever little horror movie called Saw 10 years ago. But then I realized we’re talking about an Aquaman movie here.



What? Not James Cameron and Vinnie Chase?


Maybe during a key moment in the Aquaman movie we’ll see Aquaman call on the help of one of those camouflage fish and when it moves the audience will gasp, because it was laying right there in front of them the whole time!



James Wan should direct the Obiwan movie.



I still can’t believe this is an actual big-budget movie that got made. Is there any chance it’s good?



Well it’s not a horrible trailer, that’s good I guess. I like the colorful look of the underwater stuff.


Its pretty hilarious that the one thing going through my head while watching all that fantastical action is: “how are they actually talking and vocalising normally underwater”?

Aquaman Movie

It’s cool to see more of Ronon, even if it’s in an a weird DC movie.


Pretty fun trailer but that’s not James Cameron


I wonder how they are bridging the gap between Justice League and Aquaman. Or are they thinking JL is such a turd there is no need to bother?

The transition in various MCU movies is very well done in general, e.g. Spider-man and Black Panther in Civil War to their own movies. I wonder if they can pull it off with DCEU.


So no comment on the new trailer yet?

Spoiler alert. It looks like it might actually spoil an entire whole action scene.

Anyway, friends and family seem excited about this. I really don’t like the dialogue i’m hearing. I am excited right up until someone talks in the movie.


That is a lot of bad cgi. I don’t even like that much cgi when it’s good.


Oh hey, there’s Black Manta! That takes me back to the Super Friends.


There’s stuff I liked in the trailer. Aquaman’s fried voice isn’t one of them, but I do like some of the action sequences.

Right up until the bad guys showed up I had a sudden urge to re-install Titan Quest and give it another go.

Who is the Scarlet Witch sidekick supposed to be?

Also, is Aquaman’s dad Boba Fett? Would make sense that this takes place in the Star Wars universe with the focus on that underwater Gungan city and all.


I’m pretty psyched about it.

Bad CGI doesn’t bother me. I grew up on Ray Harryhausen movies which I loved to bits. In those old movies it’s super obvious when things are real and when they aren’t, but if it’s a good story and the action is fun, it doesn’t really matter.


I secretly think this may be the best DCEU movie to date but I’m afraid to jinx it.


So prime members with a participating theater apparently can see this movie early. I cannot vouch for anything because there are no theaters near me.