James Wan gets to direct Aquaman




You forgot, #getoffmylawn


Wow, I figured this movie would be getting chatted up more. I haven’t been following the movie but I saw a trailer in front of Overlord and it looked like big, goofy fun - quite unlike the other recent DC movies. And here’s a review from The A.V. Club that says yeah, it’s big goofy fun.


Weill it’s not out yet in the USA.


In my experience, we often don’t wait for a film’s release to start talking about it.


True but we talked about the trailer a bit and even then it was kind of a delayed and muted conversation compared to other movies. I got the feeling it was a wait and see approach, the see part still pending for most.


Well I’m going to talk about it for a bit and you guys can catch up when you see it. I thought the trailer was big fun, and I decided this would probably be worth catching in the theater when Black Manta showed up. If they can get Superman to fight Solomon Grundy in the next movie, I’m down for that too.


I know I am going to see it. I have 2-3 people drooling over him and I’ll just go because. I got the question this morning. I know nothing about Aquaman myself though, not his lore or origins or anything so my POV is going to be purely based on the movie. I also don’t drool as much as my movie going friends, so no amount of pec is going sway me one way or another.


I can’t say I’m drooling exactly, though there are plenty of attractive people in the movie. I don’t know too much about Aquaman myself, I know he talks to fish, though I wouldn’t think they’d have much to say. I don’t know much about Jason Momoa either beyond his being on Game of Thrones. But he looks a little goofy in this movie, and not in a bad way. Just kind of doesn’t take himself too seriously, and I figure that’s probably a nice change of pace from Batman and Superman.


I think they’re going to go too cheesy to the point where I won’t like it, but any minute now I’ll get a date/time and number of folks going so I can buy the tickets. I’ll have fun either way, but my expectations are very low and his presence will excite my friends more than it excites me. I’m starting to think that fact that you he says very little in GoT and you cant’ understand what he says was more of a positive then I initially though. The trailers make me think he is a surfer but he’s in the waters and way north for that despite the actor’s actual upbringing.

So be assured, there are going to be folks who see this. I mean it’s DC, and it can’t be worse than BvS, so why not?


Troldspejlet (basically “Nerd TV hour” on the state channel in Denmark) did a review of this, and he thinks that it falls pretty flat: “chaotic and unimaginative” - 2/6. Which is surprising, because their reviewer is generally pretty positive IMO. Sounds like OK, brainless popcorn-fare and not much else. Unless someone drags me in to see, it looks like I’ll be catching this on cable/streaming (if ever).


I still can’t believe this movie is a real thing that exists. Actual US dollars were spent to make it!


Why 2/6 and not say 1.57/ 4.71?


I recently found out my brother is coming to town from Portland, OR around Christmas time to New Years. I have no doubt we will end up going to the theater to see a movie in that time.

Competition is fierce though.

Aquaman (if it gets good reviews and positive word of mouth like Wonder Woman did)
Mortal Engines (if it gets … ditto)
The Mule (ditto)
Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse (why didn’t anyone think of doing an animated Spiderman movie for the theaters before? It’s a brilliant idea! Or maybe they did and I just don’t know about it)
Bumblebee (if good reviews, good word of mouth)
Holmes & Watson (saw the trailer for this before Bohemian Rhapsody, it looks so funny)


I forgot about The Mule, that should be good. Also, my wife would probably go see that with me, which would not be the case with Aquaman.


If you lived anywhere near me, I’d ask if my girlfriend could go with you and your group. She’s all about Jason Momoa and wants to see it JUST because of him. To me it seems a little cheesy from the trailers, but I’m going because she wants to see it, mostly. For what it’s worth, he was pretty well spoken on Saturday night Live last week.


I somehow missed this movie’s existence, but now it’s got the honor of being the only thing I want to watch this holiday season.


I have a problem with this movie, as I do with other occasional team-ups between John Reilly and Will Ferrell. Because I have great love in my heart for Reilly, but Farrell - well, I’m just not a fan. Such that any film with both creates a void in me from the two canceling each other out. And that’s a bummer, because it might be a fine movie.


Whereas Anchorman and Talledega Nights are two of my favorite comedies ever. Well, I mean, they were in high school, but why should I pretend I’ve matured at all since then? :)


I saw both of those movies and barely remember either, so I can’t really say how I felt about them. Walk Hard, however, is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

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