James Wan gets to direct Aquaman


Scoring on a scale of 1 - 6 is pretty common in Scandinavia - I suspect because the current generation of reviewers are all nerds who played D&D when they were younger. Here in Norway, it’s even part of the parlance; you’ll read/hear people say that they are going to “trille terning” (roll the dice) on someone/something if they intend to review/rate it.


I’m with Armando. I love when Ferrell and Reilly team up. They play against each other very well.


And we would take her too. Movie goings are like my game nights, anyone is welcome! I would probably not see this in theater if I didn’t know for sure the droolers in my group would enjoy it no matter what. I’ve got three other movies to see, and I doubt i will have time to see them all in theater, even with time off. I already missed Smallfoot.


We have the same issue, unable to keep up with the ones on our watch list. We do end up renting via streaming a lot once they hit that medium, but I wish there were a budget second run theater nearby.


There were probably 3-4 months when I didn’t see any movie and then they cram all the good ones together like this. It drives me nuts. I know there was at least one month when my sister tried to see a movie with her family but there was nothing out for a young kid, 4.

They fret so much about people not seeing movies and then they these desert months. Maybe they should fix that.


Intereeting article about Aquaman over at Slate, mentions that the movie is strongly influenced by the works of Lovecraft though he probably wouldn’t have liked the end result.


This was totally mediocre, so far better than I expected.

The core problem just from action extravaganza point of view was that any underwater scenes just sucked. There’s a limit to how much bad CGI of glowing underwater scenery I can take.

But I liked the characters and the one-liners, and the land-based action sequences were a lot more enjoyable than the underwater scenes.


So, this is not a terrible movie. I know, I know that’s not singing praise exactly, but they didn’t screw it up and they elevated it a bit compared to most the other DC movies. So yes, this is an Origins movie, so it has some slowdown but it was enjoyable ride throughout most of it.

William Dafoe, Nicole Kidman and and the half-brother, and to a lesser extent, Dad, seem to be in a different movie. Unlike other movies that sometimes showcase this problem when they have actors with some solid chops alongside those with lesser developed talents, this isn’t as distracted so much, buit it elevates the movie and makes it easier to buy all this stuff.

The cheese here is very high, not Cheddar or American kind of cheese either, Cheez Whiz style so I think they float the line okay but this might overstep for some. Forget anything you know about how water or wind works, and you’ll probably enjoy the ride better.

The second villain is ridiculous. I didn’t buy that bit at all, and I read letter why that person is in the movie. I won’t spoil it but I guess this is expected, but for someone who doesn’t follow DC and certainly not Aquaman, I just found that piece… dumb.

The love story is really. It has some of the best tracks too, and there are probably 3 tracks from the instrumental type soundtrack I want more from any recent DC movie, there were a coupe in Wonder Woman but these feel more, not sure the right word, but the track itself moved me not just the track and scene. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention, I’m not talking about the love story you’re probably thinking about… it’s the other one.

Now for kids, and this does have spoilers.

There is mass murder right at the beginning on the submarine. It’s not super graphic, but it’s clear what it is and it’s not really that easy to explain away. This shouldn’t be an issue for kids who are used to not graphic violence but it could be for younger ones.

There are some monsters from a distant Atlantian kingdom that seemed just straight up scary as heck. I mean this is Lovecraftian stuff here (which I can now see why they might reference it). Think Hellboy movie kind of styling for these fantasy creatures.

My only other disappoint over some of the predictability and just not great script is how Atlantis is portrayed which could easily be canon. It just seemed like a mixture of cultures that never advance from the fall yet manages to fall for the same pitfalls surface civilizations fell into. One of Mera’s outfits is also predictably ridiculous which reminds me.

Why DC? Why? Why did you feel the need to bring that stupid suit into the picture almost as a exact copy too?

Yes there is a minor end credit scene, presumably to lead into the next movie(s).


So just came back from seeing it with my kids. We gave it a solid 6.5.
It felt like the movie was going for a GotG vibe, but keeps getting both the comic and dramatic moments just a little off.

And we didn’t stay for the credit scene. What was it?


Just a confirmation that Black Manta is still kicking and has an agenda. Nothing big.


The family and I enjoyed this one - I thought it was really imaginative and fun. My son said it was “underwater Black Panther” and now refers to the movie as “aquapanther”.


It was a decent fun movie. Momoa is very personable and is a likeable presence on screen. The story has been done a million times, so nothing new there. Very nice visuals but if you like things to stick to scientific realism, you will be disappointed because the laws of physics are not applicable in this move. So unless you can sit back and just enjoy the ride, the movie may be somewhat problematic.

They had a roof top chase scene where they created tension by having our hero almost falling off the edge of the building. The struggle was real as he dangled from his fingertips oh so close to plummeting to his death or injury from the 3 story fall. The scene took place not long after our heroes had jumped out of an airplane with no chute plummeting to the ground and landing without injury. That scene had me unintentionally laughing out loud


I wish it were so. It is a standard that (in Norway) dates from 1952, when the largest tabloid paper (Verdens Gang) introduced it as a short and concise way to characterize movie premieres. Someone even wrote a master’s thesis in media science about the use of the d6 as a rating system (in Norwegian: http://bora.uib.no/bitstream/handle/1956/1091/terningkastsyv.pdf;jsessionid=0FB8EF445E1F885DCC22423DDEF0BB3E.bora-uib_worker?sequence=1).


A pity - I liked my hypothesis better. Wouldn’t be surprised if the system spread to the rest of Scandinavia from there - I don’t remember noticing its prevalence outside Norway until some years ago.


Me too.


Just saw it and enjoyed, I think mostly because Moama was an enjoyable screen presence. Aquaman was more powerful than I remember him in the comics.

Some good action scenes and the underwater scenes were a nice change of pace.

Finally a decent DC movie.


Saw this tonight, it wasn’t terrible! I agree that decent is a good description, but all in all the movie suffered from being too bloated.

Momoa seems like he’s having a good time, and the movie is very comic book-y, which works well. Some of the jokes are funny, but a lot feel forced. In some ways it feels very much like it tries to mimic elements from the recent Marvel-movies. Parts of the soundtrack was what I liked the best - the parts that sounded like the Thor: Ragnarok OST.


Not to be that guy, but his name is Momoa which means “She who bears the wine of life”.


Aha, I just copied the spelling Mark used and I thought it looked a bit strange :/


Um…I was trying to trick people. Yeah, that’s the ticket! I was being clever!