Janet Jackson video

Anyone else watched this? All over the torrent sites and news organizations.

It’s the most modest nude video I’ve ever seen. I’m amazed that it’s getting any press attention at all. Also, it was obviously edited to remove the full frontal that would have been seen when she rolled over. She looks awfully nicely made up here, with perfect if garish nails, and there’s even one point where a leaf perfectly obscures her crotch.

So, staged and leaked intentionally? This sure doesn’t seem like a real commando paparazzi job. If so, why edit out the best part? Interesting PR strategy to promote somebody nobody really cares about anymore. Hey, it made me look. But I’m married, so I take naked female flesh however I can find it these days.

Whatever, Ontario boy, I’ve seen the veritable cascade of nymphs that walk your streets, you aren’t hurting. Unless drowning in sexy ladies hurts, in which case, slap me silly and call me Susan.

As far as the video goes, yes, I wonder about how bland it is, and it involves a Jackson, so that is points against it as well. Did you hear about her maybe secret baby? I can’t wait to get the new US magazine.