January 14: wallet threat level cry

Title January 14: wallet threat level cry
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When January 14, 2013

You can only mutter "well, it's no Bayonetta" to yourself so many times before you have to grudgingly admit that the new Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory, out this week, may not be so bad after all. Then you realize there are still 17 chapters to go..

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It's called DmC: Devil May Cry Tom, get it right! Capcom worked hard on that title — they even played around with the capitalization. Even if I wished to Cry Ninja Theory style, the PC version — the one not running like stop motion animation — is held back a week for no discernable reason. Probably to make sure their marketing efforts aren't too effective.

Corpse Party sequel out for PSP\Vita. Considering you like VLR, it and its prequel might be worth checking out.

Europe is finally getting Sumioni for the Vita. I might get it, partly to support XSEED Vita releases. Also EDF, but its price will probably prove to be a barrier.

Was I the only one that thought Bayonetta was just another shallow QTE God of War clone? Phenomenal character animation, but a God of War clone no less (not that I'm expecting anything more from the makers of Heavenly Sword). For every fun cutscene there were ten anime cliche snoozefests to sit through. And if I have to listen to that "Fly Me to the Moon" remix one more time....

But seriously, farming out Devil May Cry? Do they want to recreate the resounding success of DMC2?

I've only finished chapter 2 of DmC, but I do really like it, even when
Virgil (Dante's well dressed bro) wears a goofy hat. I like how Ninja
Theory handles/tells their stories, sure I could do without the heavy
handed exposition, but there's some good, almost humanising stuff so far

I was surprised to see Alex Garlands name in the title
credits (but I guess I shouldn't really be at this point). I'm missing
Andy Serkis though. The combat it great, I love how open, fluid and
rewarding it is.

I can't say I understand what BLAM! is talking about but so far it's no DMC2, also it's no Bayonetta either.

to note, I think DMC2 was pathetic, enemies were basically lumps of
wood standing around waiting for you to hack away with your measly three
hit combo, or just shoot them safely from afar. Uninspired and dull.

Yes, you were the only one who "thought Bayonetta was just another shallow QTE God of War clone". Also, you hate fun. And your mother dresses funny. And -- get ready for a sick burn! -- I bet you didn't even like God Hand.

Tom—have you gone back to The Secret World at all now that they've axed the subscription? I picked it up and I've been having a great time with it. Just moved into the Savage Coast and I think I'm close to the Black House quest.

Hey TOM you have no talent.

For the record bayonetta was not made by the people at Ninja Theory, who made Heavenly Sword. It was done by Platinum Games, and designed by Hideki Kamiya the director of Devil May Cry before he left capcom.

God Hand was a great game where you really had to know the moves to string together attacks that worked in a tough but fair combat system.

DMC was like a Tony Hawk version of action games that rewarded constant aggression and creatively stringing together moves.

Bayonetta was about passively standing still to flick the dodge button (basically building the entire game around the bane of recent DMC titles: the royal guard style) before performing the same 3 hit combo over and over again before finishing it with a QTE button mash (but with gorgeous backdrops!). How is that not a God of War clone?

And why go with the God Hand comparison? Reviewers unanimously slammed it because the environments were visually uninteresting and few people understood how great and rewarding the combat could be. For some reason all the obvious, hilarious cutscene humor flew completely over their heads. If anything, God Hand is a lot like DMC3 in those regards; reviewers hated it so they went with QTEs, canned fatalities, and crying emo scenes in DMC4.

No game could be more an opposite of God Hand than Bayonetta. Gorgeous environments and backdrops, ankle deep shallow (but flashy!) combat that can literally be played with one hand.