January 28 Seattle QT3 get-together - RSVP here!

POSSIBLY CANCELLED – see my message below

Saturday, January 28th, 3 pm

Pool, geek talk, games, beer!

If you’re coming, please RSVP using the poll.

If you’re in the area and you’re not coming, feel free to say so in the poll too, so we know you at least looked at this topic. :)[SIZE=“3”][/SIZE]

I am putting myself down for a big fat maybe. There are a lot of birthdays this month in my family and there is an off chance that we may need to use Saturday evening to get everyone together for dinner. Right now it looks like a 70% chance I’ll be there.

Man, if it were just a leeeetle closer than Seattle, I’d be all over it. Seattle is just quite the hike from New Orleans…

I will probably be able to make it. It’s a question of getting certain things done around the house before the weekend hits. So big fat maybe #2.

If it weren’t for that ferry ride, I’d be on it. But that ferry ride is brutal.

Maybe from me, depending on wife’s work schedule.

Depends on whether or not I get the yardwork done before the weekend. Having my wife and kids out of town hasn’t exactly been conducive to my productivity this week… unless learning to play Twilight Imperium and levelling a warlock in WoW counts as productive.

Twilight Imperium eh Ryan?

We ought to try to get a Seattle qt3 TI3 game going at some point…

Paging Jason Lutes… Paging Jason Lutes…

Nobody ever wants to get together in the Southeast.

Can’t make it - I’ll be in Connecticut that weekend. :(

RSVP to the Northwest. You can teach them all a lesson.

Answer hazy, ask again later.

No idea if I’ll come. Im typically not a busy guy on the weekends but things happen at the U.

Possibly. Depends on how the wife feels about it. :(

I just might if I hadn’t blown all my comprehensive leave taking off the week after Christmas.

Heck, if I’d known that only five others were going to RSVP “yes,” I’d have just offered to do this as a Shoot Club-esque gaming-and-beerfest at my house.

Any of you “maybes” get the spousal approval to convert to “yes” yet? :)

Anyway, are we still on? I’m still game, but if it’s gonna be three of us there, it’d be good to know…

I’m a definate no now, sorry.

no monies at my end

no go :(

Hey, if it’s ShootClub-esque at your place, I can make it. It’s Jillians and Seattle that pose the problem.