January 28 Seattle QT3 get-together - RSVP here!

It’s a bit late in the proceeding o go changing things, but I must say it would be a lot easier to explain an afternoon of gaming and a few bucks for pizza to my wife than an afternoon at Jillians and the $30+ food and drink tab that would certainly go along with it.

You guys wanna put a stake in it, cancel tomorrow, and try to regroup at someone’s house in late February/early March? Alan Au, jeffd, Poops McGee, rasputin, and yurislave please chime in because I don’t want to cancel only to find out you guys came anyway. :)

I’m game to host it in the next month or so if you guys want to come out to Duvall, but I don’t have a Tom “Gil” Check-esque Shoot Club network setup, just a couple PCs and a marginally game-worthy laptop. But we could take turns while consuming pizza and beer, and I’d imagine a couple of you guys probably have laptops, etc. you could bring…

Well, if you ever come out this way, you have free lodging. :-)

/me moves to Oregon

Duvall :) The sticks, man, what is up with that?

I have a laptop rig that will play DX7 games decently & some DX8 games, so no problem there unless we are going to have Far Cry HDR comparisons

I’m looking like I’m going to be able to make it to Jillians, but now it looks like there is a question about whether or not this is happening at all. I am OK with moving the whole shebang to Duvall or someone else’s house. My house/network is probably too small for any real fun for grown ups. I am down with bringing some grub if we go to someone else’s place. If I still have my laptop with the DX9 (HL2) video card, I will bring it along.

Ha, watch it grow to two dozen people as soon as we decide on Denny’s place!

If two dozen people show, my wonderful wife is really going to regret saying “why don’t you just invite them over here?” :)

And we’ll have to chip in to rent a gaming tent for the back yard…

I think jeffd was the last one of us to get an apartment here in the Seattle area, so obviously his has to host this event.

You don’t have to thank me for this Jeff. :)

I hear JeffD’s previous landlady has a room available. Maybe we could rent it for the event.

I’ll show tomorrow if I have to (because I said I would), but I’d prefer to postpone in favor of a more informal Shoot-Club-esque gathering. Of course, that’s just the sort of thing that would get more people to RSVP.

Feb. 4th wouldn’t work for me, but other weekends are fine.

  • Alan

Forget about having enough networked computers – all you guys need are some old-fashioned, energy-efficient boardgames!

And on that note, I will be hosting an all-day boardgame event on the second or third Saturday in February, open to all Qt3ers who care to overcome their Eastside inertia and make the perilous trek into the heart of the Central District.

make the perilous trek into the heart of the Central District.



I’d like to buy that new Pacific Theatre submarine game that Compass is putting out & bring it over there, but it’s solitare so I guess like what’s the point

I’m good to go for either plan, Jillian’s or a home lan gathering, and I’m open to postponing for more folks or going forward with tomorrow. It’s, as they say, “all good”.

Okay, I’m going to go ahead and consider it postponed and we’ll start a new topic to try to regroup in late February, if that’s not going to ruin anyone’s Saturday. :)

Gratuitous bump post to move this back up in an effort to prevent a one-person QT3 get-together on Saturday. :)