January 6th public hearings

There are persuadable people. That’s why Congress and the Presidency switch control quite often.

My older sister said shortly after Jan 6th, said something to effect that "Trump should never be allowed a position of power in the future’. She is definitely a life-long Republican, she went to door-to-door support Republican candidates as teenager in SoCal. But we haven’t talked recently about Jan 6 and who knows what a year of listening to Fox will have have done to her initial reaction.

I’m sure she will at least see the highlights of the committee on Good Morning America and other shows and may even watch some of it.

Barr calling bullshit on the big lie. Not a bad opener.

Seven part plan? Honestly that seems too complicated for Donald.

JFC don’t full screen Jason Miller’s head like that

Having lived through the era, the car market was full of cars with very high gas mileage from the Carter era on, and there were almost no high gas mileage cars on the market following the Reagan / Bush years. Part of Reagan’s ‘morning in America’ movement was promoting the idea that high gas mileage was for pussies, and Americans were not pussies.

I’m glad they picked Liz to do the overture. Obvious choice really. She’s doing a great job so far.

My ears just perked up at “from encrypted communications”. Interesting.

They are straight up saying people broke the law and need to go to jail.

I’m hearing this in Gilbert Gottfried’s voice.

“They (White House staff) knew that President Trump was too dangerous to be left alone.” Liz is delivering.

The deposition clips are effective

Damn Liz! Preach!

Cheney to her “colleagues”

“There will come a day when Donald Trump will be gone but your dishonor will remain”


The house AV club has their shit together for this one.

That one cop gave a lot of fucks.

Liz Cheney was great. Credit where credit is due.

Except for all the foreign imports which were high mileage.

How long is this supposed to go tonight?

Edit: Found a place that said 90 minutes, but they are just starting these witnesses.

The guide on the TV shows CNN has this blocked out until 8pm (PDT).

This guy took the “whole truth” part of being sworn in a bit literally.

Meanwhile, over on Fox, Hannity was blathering on about how Democrats want to destroy the Constitution.