January Seattle Area QT3 get-together?

Shall we try this again?

Last time Elhaj set it up, and then didn’t even come! The four of us who did had some wonderful fine dining at Chili’s, but aren’t there like 20 regular Seattle area posters here?

So how about we try to get something together one weekend in January? Maybe around the Bellevue/Kirkland area, since that’s fairly central for both Seattlites and us lowlife eastsiders?

I’m posting this in the gaming category because I’m hoping we might be able to start arranging some kind of Shoot Club-ish regular get-together down the road. But this one will be mainly beer, geek talk, and theories about whether McCullough is actually a Microsoft AI experiment since he didn’t show up yet again.

Yeah, I’ve often wondered about the geographic distribution of QT3ers. I’m only up in Redmond from time to time, and I doubt Dallas is a big QT3 hub, so I’m afraid I’m out either way. :)

Whenever works for me

I’ve got nothing planned for either weekend so I’ll take “Shit, Bonerz” for 200.

Birthday’s on the 15th, big American party on the 21st, so I’m down for the 28th.

28th for me as well.

Sounds good to me. I think I can make it either weekend, but I’ll check my schedule and make sure.

  • Alan

I am down with this one. If that knuckle head Elhajj shows his face, we’ll show him for standing us up the last time. :)

Okay, so Rasputin will get us party invites for the thing on the 21st, and the QT3 get-together will be on the 28th?

If I come to this, will I be the youngest dude, by far? ( 21 )

Chronologically, perhaps.

But you’re talking gamers here. It’s not like we mature and change as we age.


The women in my office constantly get on me about how I haven’t grown up yet because I play games…used to upset me, now I just think they are the ones missing out on the fun.

I’d love and try to come! the 28th sounds great!


If the Seattle contingent is willing to drive for a bit more, the best Italian food in the area is actually out in Monroe at Nana Carmela’s.

would Gameworks be too gauche?

Jillians is a good pick too if we want something to do besides sit, eat, and drink.

Another option, though a bit on the pricey side, would be The Melting Pot.

Anyhow, just thought I’d throw some better options than Chilis out there!

Jillians? Gameworks? I want to stay on the Eastside. How many of us are over in Seattle? I don’t want to fight traffic, even if it means we meet somewhere less hip. But I am not very hip to begin with, so if we decide we really want to meet in Seattle, I will do my best to tromp over there.

Bull I’m an eastsider myself but seriously - if we do this in the evening / on a weekend we don’t need to worry about traffic.

Gameworks is for girls; I’d say Jillians isn’t a bad choice.

I voted in this poll just for fun. However I voted for the third party candidate.

This is your chance to say “A vote for January 14th is really a vote for Jan 28th”

Yeah, I’d be all for insisting on eastside if this was a weekday, but it’s really not an issue on weekends…

I’m better at video games than pool, so gameworks sounds good to me… Ideally, somewhere where we could eat and consume beer long enough to talk for a couple of hours, and then still have something fun to do if we can hang out longer…