Japan Giving Italy Run for Money

Japan’s prime minister announced his resignation today, making 4 PMs in as many years.

The culprit? He caved on not shutting down a US Marine base on Okinawa like he had promised, and his approval rating plummeted.

That was the issue that triggered it but throughout that entire fiasco he made so many errors that the general populate lost confidence in his ability to handle foreign policy and have meaningful discussion with the local governors.

I mean, he admitted on national TV that he initially had no idea why there was a US Army presence in Okinawa to begin with…which says a lot about how aware he is about the political situation between China, North and South Korea and Japan.

With North Korea firmly set in crazy-land wouldn’t it be in the best interest of Japan to have an extra naval presence around to help?

That’s what he says. He’s really just done with his mission and is going back to report to his home planet.

Yes. Our behavior with that base has been appalling, however, so lots of Japanese want us out.

I wonder what happens to all of that land? Who benefits?

It was a really bad political move to start with.

You take an agreement that took over a decade to hammer out and just when everyone in Okinawa has come to terms with it and the US army can start relocating to a more remote part of the island the democratic party make a bunch of false promises just to get elected.

It has been amusing to watch this play out on TV over the past month though.

I read that the guy only became Prime Minister because his mother, who bankrolled his campaign, pushed him into it. If that’s true, your remark is pretty close to the truth.