Japan is the best place ever

CAT CAFES. Where you rent a cat!

A cat café is a theme café whose attraction is cats that can be watched and played with. Patrons pay a cover fee, generally hourly, and hence cat cafés can be seen as a form of supervised indoor pet rental.

Looks like a good place to meet women.

Of course, it’s a cat house.

Filled with pussy.

There’s also a bunny cafe where you can bring your own rabbit, or pay to play with a staff bunny.

If I were spending time in Japan I would first want to go to Bar Surpass because they have a life size replica of the gravesite of my favorite manga character and I am that big of a nerd. My second most desired eatery, though, would be Patisserie Swallowtail, which is a butler cafe. I just think it would be really amusing, and it’s on Otome Road which I would be practically obligated to visit anyway.

I would have to eat sushi from the body of a naked woman. No doubt I would do something wrong and insult every Japanese person in the place, but that would be part of the fun!

I don’t think there’s a terribly high bar for manners at naked sushi.

i don’t think you have to go all the way to japan for that… just a creepy bachelor party will do

Thanks to ABC prime time I’ve heard of jello shots, but who would want to eat raw fish off another human being, besides Balasarius?

I don’t think they put the raw fish directly on naked flesh, but generally have a leaf or something underneath. I am not a naked sushi expert, though.

I’ve heard about these, they sound adorable. :) Apparently I heard that actually owning a cat in Japan is problematic, so these have popped up to give people access to kitties that they might not have otherwise. pets my own cat It’s likely worth it. :)

My wife has always wanted to raise a few farm animals some day when we’re not living in a primarily residential area. I’ve always suggested we just move closer to a petting zoo. Now I can run with this idea and suggest we donate our cats to one of these places and then just visit them on occasion. All we need now is for Japan’s trends to gain some traction here in Eugene, Oregon.

There’s a terribly high bar for manners everywhere in Japan.

Yeah, I should have gone with “unusually” instead of terribly.

I don’t want to sound like a PETA nut, but those cats… how do they motivate them to interact with strangers? The best way I can think of is keeping them constantly hungry and let the patrons feed them?

Oh, it’s not like they expect a barbarian devil to behave properly. When in doubt, randomly throw a sumimasen or an arigatou around, and you’ll receive universal praise for being such an amazingly gifted talking monkey :D

What? Why?!

Some cats really like to get petted, so if they’re just a bit selective when picking cats for the place it’s no problem. Our cat would love a place full of humans interested in him… he’s very self centered and think humans are petting machines you ought to be able to sleep on at will.

You’re probably not going to like the bar with the monkey serving staff then…

Finding cats that like people is no problem. We had one (recently deceased, sadly…my favorite pet ever!) who loved people. Actually, over the last 15 years, we’ve had a few like that.

A bigger problem might be that such cats can be a bit pushy at times. A place full of aggressive love cats would annoy the hell out of me. But then, I have access to cats whenever I want.

It’s far more likely they just choose extroverted cats. Judging by the photo, most of the cats are of the Japanese Bobtail persuasion (they have tails, so they’re not purebred, but the body types indicate they have the genes in there), which are intensely social and friendly cats. I’m biased because my own cat is half Japanese Bobtail (the rescue agency believes she was abandoned because she was a non-purebred “mistake”), and would do very well as a cafe cat. That picture is familiar, as she specifically comes looking to be picked up and fawned over.

Japan is interesting in that they were isolated for so long they only had essentially one type of cat for several centuries, and they generally have a particular temperament. In fact, in the first book written by a Westerner about Japan, circa 1700, you find this: “There is only one breed of cat that is kept. It has large patches of yellow, black and white fur; its short tail looks like it has been bent and broken. It has no mind to hunt for rats and mice but just wants to be carried and stroked by women.”