Japan weekly sales ending 1/1/06

8 out of 10 of the top selling games in Japan last week were for DS.

The other two were Front Mission 5 (#6) and Kingdom Hearts II (#4), both for PS2.

Dead or Alive 4 was #13, and outsold the top-selling PSP game. But even the GameCube outsold the 360, if only by a few hundred units. 70K 360s sold in Japan so far.

The Game Boy Micro is a flop, getting outsold by the GBA SP. People would rather just have a DS-- it sold almost twice as many units than every other console combined and was well over 3x the sales of the PSP. Could have been more too, but for running out of supplies.

The PSP is definitely going to struggle from here on out, at least for games. Risk has just gone up exponentially for the amount of budget a PSP game can demand.

Microsoft has probably screwed themselves with Japan, too. I don’t think even Blue Dragon can save the 360, should it be closer to release than it seems. Microsoft doesn’t have that critical mass of titles in development that the DS did to drive those “well I’ll be able to play stuff on it eventually” sales, which in turn get more titles in development. Whoever is in charge over there didn’t work hard enough on getting post-launch titles in the hopper, and worked way too hard on marketing.

HW Sales 360 PS2 GC
~12/11 .43,970 .45,893 12,212
~12/18 .*8,623 .55,342 17,849
~12/25 .*5,674 .97,475 36,646
~01/01 .12,300 .78,646 12,579
Total .70,567 .276,356 79,286

The Gameboy micro is a flop everywhere.

As for the PSP, I think it still has a shot but it needs either a price drop or a slew of great titles. Since the titles aren’t coming. . . . but I’m concerned that Sony can’t afford to lose money on the system so they won’t be as aggressive on dropping the price as they need to be. PSP at under $200 would explode, however.

Over the dates of 12/26 to 1/1 in The Land of the Rising Sun…

  1. NDS Brain Training 2 414,556 NEW
  2. NDS Animal Crossing DS 205,119 (1,382,228)
  3. NDS Mario Kart DS 168,680 (836,478)
  4. PS2 Kingdom Hearts 2 156,837 (884,428)
  5. NDS Brain Training 153,189 (1,157,870)
  6. PS2 Front Mission 5 146,209 NEW
  7. NDS Mario & Luigi 2 132,726 NEW
  8. NDS Gentle Brain Training 82,789 (935,535)
  9. NDS Tamagotchi 63,433 (784,537)
  10. NDS Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon: Blue Rescue Force 61,154 (572,858)

DS - 390,181
PSP - 110,741
PS2 - 78,646
GBASP - 15,998
GC - 12,579
Xbox360 - 12,300
GBM - 11,234
GBA - 447
Xbox - 121

DS - 4,151,356 / 5,646,952
PSP - 2,200,710 / 2,682,962
DS Lead - 1,950,646 / 2,963,990


Best part of the thread is the second post… “That’s not real…no way.”

Nah, the best part is that there’s a poster there called “Liu Kang Baking A Pie” and he’s got a suitable avatar. High comedy.

Nintendo seems to have really struck a chord with the DS. Pretty amazing that 8/10 titles on the list are for a single system.

And DOA4 ranks only at 13th position? I thought all Japanese were buying 360s like crazy just for this game…

Wow is that 121 xboxes for real? I bet my local wal mart sold over 121 xboxes.

Also the LOL PSP AM DOOMED with the brain training weird japanese floating head professor graphic is awesome! Those forums rock. Please don’t ban me for saying so.

And DOA4 ranks only at 13th position? I thought all Japanese were buying 360s like crazy just for this game…

But the Pete said the 360 launch was “solid if not spectacular”!


heh… I love that graph too. Funny stuff. That thread took on a life all its own. The Nintendo Matrix pix were a laugh as well, specifically the animated “You mean I can dodge UMDs” one. :)

Things are a little different here in the US, but we haven’t gotten all of the stuff that’s ripping up the charts over there yet. Brain Training will ship soon, though. There are two titles I think, called Brain Flex and Train Your Brain.

Well, considering how there’s only about 70k 360s sold in Japan, selling 60k units of DOA4 isn’t bad :)

From 1/2-1/8 (from Media Create)

PSP 132,757
DS 91,379
PS2 80,886
GBASP 17,443
GC 3,423
GBM 11,818
Xbox360 7,477
GBA 564
Xbox 156

and for comparision

Xbox Japan Release 2002/02/22
Sales on week 5 was ~6000 units for a 5 week total of 185k
Sales fell under 1000 at week 13.

X360 Japan Release 2005/12/10
Sales on week 5 was ~7500 units for a 5 week total of 78k

So if nothing else, sales are slow but steady.

At that rate, it will only take Microsoft three years to sell as many Xbox 360s in Japan as Sony sold PS2s in the first three days. I don’t think it much matters how much of a head start Microsoft gets in Japan. Sony will pass them on day one of the PS3 launch.

Japan doesn’t really get all the US launch titles until March and eM and PGR was recently released so it’s possible things will pick up by then.

Otherwise, MS will have to bank on Blue Dragon for something to happen.

Can we not turn this place into GAF with the weekly, Japanese, sales thread? It’s one thing to care about sales and numbers, but to focus on such a small snapshot of sales in a place where pretty much no one here lives in makes it seem very silly.

A good question. Also a good question: Can I not call you a donghonker for whining about my thread?

The answer to both of these good questions is no, you donghonker.

I found this particular set of sales statistics, which is from the busiest week of the year in Japan, to be particularly interesting-- and such developments will no doubt have effects upon the American market. Effects that I suppose you are too busy with the honking of dongs to consider.

Consider this instead:


That is your face, as your request for threadcop status is denied. But hey, I admire your boldness. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Keep telling yourself that on the way back to the honketorium.

Woah, so this is Hardware, right? Like, more Gamecube consoles were purchased then XBox 360’s in the last month?

That seems, just, wild.

Chris Woods

I just noticed something weird with these numbers that I have been giving. According to the bigger of the two main companies that give game sales information (Enterbrain/Famitsu) they give the Xbox360 selling about 94k units from Launch to 1/1/06 compared to Media Create’s tally of 70k (which is the one that most US mags have been using…and the ones listed above).

94k units is still a bit lackbuster, but I wonder where this gap comes from? Percentagewise it’s off by quite a bit…

It’s “a bit lackluster” in the same way that the surface of the sun is “a bit toasty.”