Japanese animate / manga fans here?

just curious :)


Best. Non. Sparky. Graphic. Ever.

Indeed there is.

raises hand 8)

Count me in! :)

Not a fanboi, but I do watch the occasional anime. I can’t stand the magical girl crap that most anime fanbois seem to be so enamored of, tho.

Well, yeah. I’m not exactly watching anime shows where the characters play card games against one another. Like most things I only watch really good anime and read really good manga.

Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, yes. Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, no.

I like certain kinds; usually takes a big release to get my attention, but some releases I pay more attention than everything else (Macross, Gundam, Masamune Shirow-related, Lupin, etc.)

— Alan

I generally prefer stuff where Giant Robots Beat The Shit Out Of Each Other, but I’ve even watched surreal comedies and yes, the fucking 70-episode-long soap opera that is Marmalade Boy.

I am a big fan of Bubblegum Crisis:Tokyo. Great series with an excellent storyline.

Speaking of Masamune Shirow, Production IG just launched the official website for the Ghost in the Shell TV series which starts airing in Japan this fall.

Also, the english release of the Ghost in the Shell 2: Man Machine Interface manga finally has a release date. The first monthly issue goes on sale from Dark Horse October 30th.

Thank God, I nearly bought the Japanese one just for waiting. GITS TV should be interesting, will probably be able to get it off of Morpheus soon after it goes up (or Hotline). Too bad Appleseed v5 will apparently never happen… still my favorite.

— Alan

I guess the guys at Studio Proteus (who translate manga, including Shirow’s for Dark Horse) talked him into letting them publish some of the stories that were going to be for Appleseed vol 5 in the Super Manga Blast monthly anthology they do, starting in September.

How are they appearing, in written or drawn form, in short stories, etc (like the Appleseed Databook)? I would be very interested in picking that up.

— Alan

/me raises hand

Oh, and I like the banner. Would Tom & Mark consider rotating in random Tenenbaumish banners? :)

  • Alan

I’m still wading through Scooter’s massive Cowboy Bebop DVD box set, and it is awesome.

Oddly, embarrassingly, it was Pokemon that turned me on to anime/manga, I have to admit. Now I like it, in doses.

I love all the Miyazaki films, especially My Neighbor Totoro, which might be my favorite animated kids film ever now. My daughter and our neighbors have watched it probably 30 times or so, and I still enjoy it every time it’s on.

And the Lone Wolf and Cub reprints from Dark Horse comics continue to be amazing…

My daughter enjoys Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. I have no clue what is going on but she seems to have caught on rather quckly. I was worried about the level of violence and fighting, but it didn’t appear to be much different than cartoon violence in the Warner Brother’s and Disney cartoons so I don’t think if will ruin her too much :)


I’m a big fan of Revolutionary Girl Utena. Best. Ending. Ever!