Japanese haunted houses

Hey folks, this might not necessarily deserve its own thread but I couldn’t find an appropriate home for it and what the heck, it’s Halloween. I just read this article over on Slate about an American’s experience in a Japanese haunted house and thought it was an interesting read, a look into the difference in perspective on how a Japanese haunted house would work, and broader scares in general. I’ve always had a perplexed attitude about Japanese horror, my only real exposure being through the movies that make it over here. I’ve enjoyed some of them like Audition and Pulse but the ones that tend to be more ghost stories, I guess, like Ju-On and Ringu seem, while interesting, not so scary. But this story of a more personalized haunted house sounds really cool to me, and I can see how it would really freak somebody out. It reminds me of when I was a kid and went with my mom to a haunted house – a guy in a hockey mask and overalls ran through the waiting lineup swinging a chain saw around. I didn’t know at the time that you could take the chain out and make the saw virtually harmless, and it scared the living hell out of me.

Anyway, happy Halloween everybody!

Need to fix your link Pogue, unless all Japanese haunted houses are about which mech I am?

Awfully sorry about that. Should be fixed.

Awww, I wanna know what mech I am!

Thanks Pogue, that was a cool read. I’m usually the opposite of the type of person who would go into one (super scaredy cat) but it’s really neat to read about. It reminds me of exactly what I saw while watching my daughter play the start of Fatal Frame 5 (first section is a free download on Wii U).

Due to this thread, I bought my wife the book mentioned in the article. She works at a haunted house attraction, and this looked like interesting and potentially educational reading for her. I figure I read all kinds of dry crap to help me better at work, she can read something neat like this and become a better haunter!

Oh cool, I’d love to hear her opinion of the book if you could report back.