Jason McCullough's Ridiculous Oblivion Mod List - RTM Release

You know that oblivion mod list and automatic installer I started putting together two and a half years ago? It’s really, really done this time.

Here you go: http://www.hronk.com/jmromp/JMROMPV025.zip, 503k.

Readme teaser:

What Is This Thing?

Way back a couple of years ago I finished Oblivion. There was some cool looking mods out there, so I tried adding a few. And then a few more. And a few more. Unfortunately, Bethesda’s modding system simply doesn’t scale beyond having a handful of mods; everything overlaps with everything else, there’s strange rules about what conflicts matter and what don’t, conflicts result in content just being deleted, and it requires an elaborate amount of custom tooling to make mods work together. It sucks.

So I got to thinking - ok, I’ll just figure out what exact order I need to extract everything in to have it all work, and the exact load order, and I’ll be ready to go play. Hey, and why not document all that so other gamers can do it to?

Fat chance - you can’t just do a single installation in sequence. Mod packs overlap. They all have different layouts when extracted. Some times you want to keep a few files from a previous mod, but overwrite the rest. Some of them include custom scripting. Some of them have installers. There’s an entire project devoted just to tracking the conflicts!

So fine, I’ll write a installer myself to do it all, and just include a load order. I don’t trust the conflict tracking project to get things right, so whatever, I’ll manually check the conflicts myself. How hard can that be?

About a 120 hours of work hard, that’s what. Yeesh. Two years since I first started it, after reading the entire Bethesda oblivion mod forums both before and after they deleted their archive, it’s finally ready. I hope you appreciate it.

I’d like to think dev_akm for his awesome modding explanations and reviews, TESNexus for providing such a valuable community resource, and the denizens of the Bethesda oblivion mod forums for their awesome work producing the content I link to here.

I’m just installing their work. Thank them, not me.
Let me know if you have any troubles or any other feedback on how to simplify it.

Demon’s Souls has me thinking I should go play some Oblivion again. I will give this a try within the next week.

Thanks! Your hard work is appreciated!

No problem.

By the way, biggest addition: A Minimap!


Does much (or anything) have to be changed if Oblivion is installed to a non-default location, ie. second hdd?

Holy crap. Damn you! Now I have to reinstall again!

Edit: Aww, nards, I need to get Shivering Isles.

Just a note that the OBMM link doesn’t work automatically. You have to go to their site to download it.

Play Fallout 3 instead.

Whoops, thanks. I’ll move OBMM to the manual list.

Starting down the download list, this is quite a process.

Yeah, I’m doing the same. I think the payoff will be worth it though. :)

Well, if you cough up for a tesnexus.com subscription you can batch dl that lot.

I bought a 30 day sub, but I noticed that several mods were missing after I ran downthemall. There are are a few download links that take you straight to the tesnexus homepage instead of getting the file. I’ll have to go down the list and make sure I got everything.

Hrm, ok. Make sure you’re logged in.

If you could send me a list of the missing files I’ll fix 'em up. I checked them all last night but I probably screwed up a couple.

The Rational Names 2.04 is one that doesn’t seem to be working.

Argh. Get it from [here](http://www.hronk.com/jmromp/rational names 2.04.zip) until the site starts responding again.

Oh, and the readme does explain how to diff what you have with what you’re supposed to have; look at the beyond compare bits.

Thanks Jason. I can’t imagine the hell that is trying to keep all these links current.

Whoops, slight oversight: the hotkeys for Map Marker Overhaul and QZ Easy Menus overlap. I updated the zip file with an QZ Easy Menus.ini file and readme instructions, just copy it into your Oblivion\Data directory.

Oh you dirty bastard, I JUST uninstalled Oblivion last weekend as I hadn’t touched it in like 6 months…

Sigh, guess I need to dig it out again this weekend.

It all sounds rather neat though. Thanks for all the work!

A couple of the Really AEVWD files aren’t an automatic download. I think the dude just updated the mod today.