Jason vs. Freddy


Is anyone going to see this when it comes out this Summer? It could be fairly interesting. I wonder if Jason will kick Freddy’s ass!

BTW… my buddy (a movie junkie) told me that the producers went through a ton of scripts before settling on one that they thought we be a good fit for this unique movie.


Supposedly, Peter Jackson of LotR fame took a crack at this script a while back. One of the concepts was that Freddie was so weak and powerless kids would intentionally enter his dream realm so they could kick his ass.

I’d like to think this film could be cool - a Frankenstein meets Dracula flick for the modern day - but both these franchises have been handed to bottom-feeder directors and screenwriters for quite some time. I’m not hopeful.

Now Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Hellraiser - now there’s a film I’d like to see.

I’m praying that it’s good… and that Jason demolishes Freddy in the end. But it’ll probably suck, and there’ll be a draw at the end. Bah.

Pinhead wins no matter what puny mortal!

I dunno, I don’t think Jason or Freddy could ever figure out that puzzle box.

It’s even more lopsided when you consider that Pinhead has his own crew of Cenobites to help him mop the floor with both Jason and Freddy.

Well I went to a preview screening and I have to say it was a lot of fun. I have never seen a full movie of either series but I have seen enough to know who the characters are and the formula and jokes of these movies. I wasn’t expecting much and I have to say I really enjoyed it as a the kind of silly horror movie it was. There are some really great fight scenes and one death that litterally made me applaud the movie. That being said they still need to fix.

There is no character development whatsoever. I couldn’t tell you one teenager’s name in the movie. To further this point, at the end of the screening they had you fill out the standard likes dislikes of the film. One of the questions was to rate the characters. They had to write
What did you think of Steve-guy who was disembowled by weedwhacker?(this is not a spoiler all names and weapons of death have been changed to protect you from spoilers). They had to tell you how the guy died so you would know who they were.

Still if you like either series it is very faithful to both and enjoyable. It’s not overly silly (jason in space or freddy 3d).

I loved Jason X, actually ;)
It totally didn’t fit within the series, but the deaths in it were top-notch.