Jason's Ridiculous Oblivion Mod List

I spent three solid goddamn days putting this together. I hope someone else can get some use of it.

A diversion - why I hate my sound card
First off, I finally cracked the performance issues I was having with oblivion. The shitty onboard sound card on my XPS Generation 2 notebook, some Sigmatel C-Major Audio, was the culprit; I finally figured this out by setting bSoundEnabled=0 in Oblivion.ini. The strange “every 3 seconds” freeze for maybe a half second went away. I replaced the Sigmatel driver from dell with some “Creative Labs Integrated Audigy Invitation”, reported to fix the problems by someone on notebookforums.com. I have no idea what the hell it changes, but it worked. Get it here.

I Love My Oblivion Mods
Once you get beyond about a dozen of these things, you more or less have to use Oblivion Mod Manager to handle load order and dependencies. Get it from here. You’ll need to set up the archive invalidation thing documented on that site.

Now, to the mods. I’m not going to provide links, as Google should cough them up fairly easily.


  1. Install the official Oblivion 1.1 patch.
  2. Install the Construction Set.
  3. Install the Oblivion Script Extender. You need this for some of the hot shit stuff like automatic potion sorting, and alchemy shelves that manage your ingredients for you. Get it here.
  4. Install the Unofficial Oblivion Patch 1.61.
  5. Install any mods you bought from Bethedsa.

World Textures
I used the suggested 256 mb parallax video card list from here. Note you actually have to install them in this order. The rest of this mod list can be down in any order inside a given category.[ol]
[li]Qarl’s Texture Pack 2[/li][li]Better Tiling Textures 1.11[/li][li]Parallaxed Qarl Textures 1.0 (includes Skingrad Roof Textures)[/li][li]Parallaxed Qarl Textures 1.1 Update (includes normal map fix)[/li][li]Parallax Qarl Reduced Normal Maps 1.1 (jjtr)[/li][li]Bluesteel’s LandscapeLOD NormalMap Fix MipMap Fix v.1.1 (by Soor)[/li][li]Better Tiling LOD Textures (2048 or 4096)[/li][li]Better Night Sky[/ol]Other World Mods[ul][/li][li]1013-Short Grass-TESSource.esp[/li][li]1405-1-Beautiful Stars-TESSource.rar[/li][li]3734-1.2-Weather Inside [seasons]-TESSource.7z[/li][li]4271-0.9-Oblivion_Stereo_Sound_Overhaul-TESSource.7z[/li][li]4938-1.2-Phinix Waterfix-TESSource.rar[/li][li]5239-1.0.1-Texians_Window_Lighting_System__NonOMOD-TESSource.7z[/li][li]6333-0.8-Natural Interiors Beta-TESSource.7z[/li][li]Almost_Everything_VWD.7z[/li][li]Almost_Everything_VWD_KoldornsAyleidTextures.7z[/li][li]Atmospheric_Oblivion_1.1.ace[/li][li]4027-1.0-LowPoly Grass-TESSource.zip[/li][li]5242-1.0-Texians Window Lighting System Fix Pack-TESSource.zip[/li][li]6534-0.8.1-Natural Interiors Beta Patches-TESSource.zip[/li][li]6803-1.90-Atmospheric Weather System-TESSource.zip[/li][li]Natural_Environments_v212.zip[/li][li]Stormier_Storms.zip[/ul]Interface Mods[ul][/li][li]DarkuiLoad2.zip[/li][li]MarkerExplore.zip[/li][li]1617-(Standalone)-CallSteed30a -TESSource.rar[/li][li]2299-1.0-Days & Months-TESSource.rar[/li][li]2528-1.0-Coloured Enemy Health-TESSource.rar[/li][li]5717-1.0-Ingredient Storage Shelves-TESSource.7z[/li][li]Fatality_Cam.rar[/li][li]855-No More Annoying Messages-TESSource.zip[/li][li]1529-1-Quiet Feet-TESSource.zip[/li][li]3119-1.4-House Map Markers v 14-TESSource.zip[/li][li]3797-1-Louder Nirnroots-TESSource.zip[/li][li]4041-1.1-At Home Alchemy-TESSource.zip[/li][li]4346-1.0-Expanded Hotkeys and Spell Delete-TESSource.zip[/li][li]6504-99.9-Dude, Wheres My Horse Total Compatibility Version-TESSource.zip[/li][li]Cyrodiil_Terrain_Mapv2.1.zip[/li][li]DarkUI240.zip[/ul]Horse Textures[ul][/li][li]1762-2.0-Better Horse Eyes-TESSource.zip[/li][li]5893-1.3-Slofs Horses Base-TESSource.7z[/li][li]5904-1.3-Slofs Horses Armored-TESSource.7z[/ul]Character Textures[ul][/li][li]6766-1.1-Gorier Blood-TESSource.zip[/li][li]4564-1.1-Slofs Dremora Textures-TESSource.7z[/li][li]Beautiful_People_22part1.rar[/li][li]Beautiful_People_22part2.rar[/li][li]3577-3.0-Realistic Ragdolls and Force v3-TESSource.zip[/li][li]4973-2.1-IFT Improved Facial Textures-TESSource.zip[/li][li]5634-1.1-IAFT-TESSource.zip[/ul]Item Textures[ul][/li][li]KafeisBetterRingsReplacer.zip[/li][li]3310-2.0-VAs Better Gold-TESSource.exe[/li][li]1619-3-Book Placement-TESSource.rar[/li][li]3165-1.01-Glittering Prizes-TESSource.rar[/li][li]3429-1.3-Potable Pastiche-TESSource.7z[/li][li]5450-1.0-FineWeapons-TESSource.rar[/li][li]5564-1.3-RustyItems-TESSource.rar[/li][li]5590-1.0-Mikes_Clothes_Replacer_v10-TESSource.7z[/li][li]Book Jackets Oblivion (High Res).7z[/li][li]kalikuts_elvenleathergoldretex.7z[/li][li]kalikuts_femdragonarmor.7z[/li][li]kalikuts_green_glass_retex.7z[/li][li]2434-1.1-Dark Brotherhood Armor Retexture-TESSource.zip[/li][li]3430-1.11-Improved Soulgems-TESSource.zip[/li][li]5008-1.1-Better Letters-TESSource.zip[/li][li]5218-1.2-Real Lava-TESSource.zip[/li][li]Better.Looking.Tools-v1.2.zip[/li][li]KafeisBetterAmuletReplacer.zip[/ul]Gameplay[ul][/li][li]GuildItemOwnership.zip[/li][li]AFLevelMod-2.8.7.rar[/li][li]6955-2.0rc-Martigens Monster Mod 20 RC-TESSource.7z[/li][li]1217-No Psychic Guards v1.2-TESSource.zip[/li][li]1343-Attack and Hide v2.1 bundle pack-TESSource.zip[/li][li]2451-1.8-Realistic Persuasion-TESSource.zip[/li][li]6512-1.8-Quest Award Leveling-TESSource.zip[/li][li]ArcaneVelocity.zip[/li][li]DurableEquipment_HarderRepairs.zip[/li][li]Francesco’s Leveled Creatures and Items [/ul]Quests[ul][/li][li]RS_KvatchAftermath.zip[/li][li]2687-0.8-The Storytellers Brother-TESSource.rar[/li][li]4236-1.1-A Change in Management-TESSource.rar[/li][li]4361-0.51-The Butcher Of Armindale-TESSource.7z[/li][li]4780-2.0-Bjornheim-TESSource.rar[/li][li]4967-2.6-Knights of the White Stallion-TESSource.rar[/li][li]5048-1.1-Pek The Halls of the Phoenix Order for Oblivion-TESSource.7z[/li][li]5145-1.1-Mighty Umbra-TESSource.rar[/li][li]5185-1.4-Ungarions Memoirs 1- The Welkynd Sword-TESSource.rar[/li][li]5439-1.02-Damarask-TESSource.7z[/li][li]5556-e1.03-The naked Nord-TESSource.7z[/li][li]5808-1.2-Thievery in the Imperial City-TESSource.rar[/li][li]6623-1.4.1-The Old Crow Inn-TESSource.rar[/li][li]6770-1.21-Quest for the Elements-TESSource.rar[/li][li]SentientWeaponPatchV31.rar[/li][li]SentientWeaponV3.rar[/li][li]Zealots_of_the_Nine.rar[/li][li]4643-v2-Temple of the FullNew Moon-TESSource.zip[/li][li]5160-1.0-Ruined Tails Tale StoryDriven NPC Companion-TESSource.zip[/li][li]5731-1.1-The Mysteries of the Dulan Cult-TESSource.zip[/li][li]6247-1.1-The Legacy-TESSource.zip[/li][li]6674-2.21-Servant of the Dawn-TESSource.zip[/li][li]bartholm34.zip[/ul]Load Order[/li]This OMM order file should make things completely conflict free. There’s some single sound cell conflict in there I had to override in the construction set, but don’t worry about it, it’s trivial.

You should be able to download the 2 gigs of mod files, install, apply the specified ordering, and go. The only part requiring mucking about with is the Dark UI mod. Let me know if there’s some trickiness with installation I missed, or you can’t find one of them.

Some highlights to discuss.

The AEVWD mods stand for “almost everything visible why distant.” It completely changes the game - now you can see buildings from a million miles away, at only a marginal cost to performance. No more lawnmowing to find things; just wander around and look for the big ass ruin.

Expanded hotkeys and spells delete gives you two more rows of hotkeys, and 3 “wear this entire set of armor again” hotkeys. Ingredient storage shelves is like the coolest thing ever. One click to shove all your alchemy ingredients into storage! No more carpal tunnel! At Home Alchemy lets you just drop the alchemy units in your house and leave them there to use

The character textures do a throughly amazing job on the graphics. People look somewhat plausible. The new clothes are gorgeous.

Between Martigen’s Monster Mod and Francesco’s, the game can actually be a challenge. The AF Leveling mod completely eliminates minmaxing with a neat inline upgrade of all stats based on your skills.

I hate how it still randomly crashes on exit on my otherwise spotless system.

beautiful people is actually 1 mod, the file is named part1/part2 because the rar is broken up that way. the old naming convention was .rar, .r00, .r01 etc. both files are needed to be present but only 1 needs to be extracted.

Also, make the multithreading tweaks as suggested on the TweakGuides (URL coming later, I am on my Mac now) if you have a dual core CPU. It sped up my game by 20%+.

Pisses me off how little after-release support there has been historically for the Elder Scroll games. 1 patch and they consider it “final” with the communit cleaning up after.

Wow. That’s a lot of work to install all that stuff :).

The ridiculous dependencies is generally what keeps me from trying out mods. AEVWD still crashes the game for me. I had to remove it.

I can vouch for those tweaks also. They’re very nice!

Looks like that link is dead.

Looks like a fantastic list, but more work than I’m going to go to. Why don’t Bethesda (or someone) filter and package this stuff. I’d pay.

Thanks for compiling this, Jason. I try to stay on top of the mods that get released, but I’ve apparently missed a bunch of good ones. I didn’t even realize that Kvatch Aftermath had already been released. By the way, what’s the quality like for the user-made quests?

Thanks for all the hard work, Jason. A quick point:

Martigan’s Monster Mod is now up to version 2.0 and is absolutely fantastic. Not only is it stable, but the new creatures are wonderfully textured and feature improved AI.

Bookmarked for future enjoyment. Fuck my lame-o PC.

Think we need one of those DVD compilation thingys that OO does for Morrowind.

Okay, some questions on the gigundo mod list.

Does it include any ability to wear cloaks over armor?

Does it let you make magic arrows?

Does it include any kind of instant travel?

Does it remove that ridiculous use-it-or-lose-it cap of 5 training sessions per level?

What’s it do for carrying capacity - are there any extradimensional chests/bags of holding/et cetera?


Martigan 2.0 is out? Where the devil, I can’t find it?

Glazius, I’m afraid the answer is no to all your questions. There are some mods out there to do everything you’re looking for, though.

Load order link should be working again, dsl was flakey last night.

I have no idea on the quality for the user made quests, I ironically haven’t had too much time to play through this. I deleted everything that looked stupid, though.

This is cool, but yeah, it really needs to consolidated. I just wanna hit a ‘load Jason’s tricked out Oblivion setup’ button from the Oblivion Mod Manager and then go to sleep.

Updated link to latest versions of Francesco and Martigan.

I guess I could create a “unzip this on top and you’re done” torrent, but man that would be a lot more work. Urggggg. Let me think about it.

No love for open_cities? To be fair, it’s incompatible with Knights of the Nine due to a scripting problems with Anvil.

  • Alan

Have to say, as a guy who hasn’t touched Oblivion since a couple months after its release but needs to reinstall it in preparation for the upcoming expansion, I have no idea what to do with this. Are there any ideas at all on how many of these mods will be incompatible with the expansion? Is it ok to install these before the expansion and then turn them off?

It feels like I’m going to have to either wait two months after the expansion comes out to get an updated list or basically run it without any mods.

I too am waiting for the expansion before I play. Jasno, the work you did here is wonderful. And I feel your pain about trying to consolidate and document getting so many mods to work.

A self extracting exe (torrented) would be fairly easy to do if you can trace all the files. And personally, I say screw it and included all the config files etc so a person loads up exactly what you do… let them go from there. I use winrar from www.rarsoft.com for stuff like that.