Jason's Ridiculous Oblivion Mod List

Wow, thanks, Jason! Gonna install this using your guide. I’ve been meaning to spend some time to revisit Oblivion.

wasn’t knights of the nine an expansion? if the shivering isles is anything like that, it’s just another ‘mod’ that gets grafted on.

It would be a huge undertaking, but I would love a more simple collection of these tools, too. It would be enough to make me consider trying to play Oblivion again.

That’s why I left it out. It’s kind of neat, but it’s too mess a change for me to trust.

Technically, yes, Shivering Isles is just another mod, but with lots of new art assets and story elements. The gameplay is still fundamentally the same.

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I’ll go ahead and slap up a package and torrent this weekend. Least I can do for Jason’s going through all this stuff. Going through and installing random crap is half the fun (or more!) for me so I don’t mind the work of grabbing it all.

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This is awesome. I bought Oblivion when it first came out…system couldnt handle it…just upgraded…can play SupCom fairly well now, suppose Oblivion should play well also…THANKS.

<edit> I see that you found it the latest version. Anyway…Mart’s Monster Mod is incredible. Unlike many of the Morrowing creature additions, everything in here looks highly professional. I also LOVE the new AI scripting and random enemy generation. I saved in the very early game right before you leave the prison sewers, and loaded up this mod. Each time I left the sewer the enemies in the area were different. On my second reload I was attacked by two archers and two swordsman. As I backpeddled to avoid getting surrounded, I ran across a gathering of 3 mudcrabs. One of the swordsman accidentally hit a mudcrab while trying to attack me, and suddenly several muncrabs from the immediate area moved in and started attacking the two swordsman. I was able to step back and pick off both enemies because they were awash in angry mudcrabs! Cool stuff!

MMM 2.0 (RC1, but very stable)


On Mart’s Monster Mod 2.0

So what’s new in 2.0?

Oh, a heck of a lot. If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing all this time, see below:

New Features

:: Sheep in passive lists -- Bored of seeing deer around as the only truly passive (mudcrabs don't count!) wilderness creatures? Me too, so now Sheep can appear in some of the passive lists where deer roam, especially near farms. It also gives predators another type of prey to hunt, adding to the liveliness of the world. And, naturally, Sheep's Wool is a new ingredient.

:: Creature AI -- In addition to the current AI behaviour, some creatures will now seek water and graze on plants, similar to that found in Creatures Alive and OOO but more subtle. Big Thanks to CorePC who spent ages tweaking these for MMM and putting up with my suggestions!

:: Undead Legion Sounds -- Scary, aren't they? They'll be even scarier when you hear them in 2.0. I'm still working on these (and learning Audacity at the same time), but if you know what I did with the Ghostly Apparition then bring a change of pants when you play. For those who haven't met a Ghostly Apparition yet, this is what you hear when one is nearby: Ghostly Apparition

:: Minotaur overhaul -- All the minotaur variants now also have varied looks across the levels, you will see over a dozen variant styles in game, plus the addition of a new Minotaur class (see next).

Screenshots: [The likely suspects]

:: New Creatures -- The Blood Minotaur and Black Hunger have been added. Both of these guys are tough and mean, and natually have tailored drops. There's actually about 96 new creatures in MMM at the moment, but I like rounded numbers, and there's more to come.

Screenshots: [Blood Minotaur | Black Hunger]

:: Improved exploration -- Creatures and NPCs now have a little more realisism in their exploration. You'll see more of the behavioural AI and inter-faction relationships occur, and quicker responses for encounters they meet.

:: Guard Items -- They already carry torches and lanterns, now all guards spawn with a range of items to flesh out their individual backgrounds -- they may carry books, potions, rings, food and more. Chance to find a skill increase book on them as well -- something extra for those evil NPCs who aren't terribly fond of guards smile.gif Thanks to Argochris for suggesting this and working on it with me.

:: More Wilderness Life -- Updated to add life to border regions, so if you explore off the beaten track or travel close to the borders, you'll still see and get encounters.

:: Updated Combat AI -- Lyrondor himself sent through some updates for the MMM Combat Behaviour. Now more Lyrondor than ever!

:: MMM for Frans 4.1* -- MMM is fully updated for Frans 4.1* with the exception of the customiseable loot, which should be in by the final release of 2.0. For now MMM NPC's default to the HARDCORE balance model, but customiseable loot works everywhere else in the game world (chests, houses, etc).

:: MMM for OOO -- Yes, finally a tailored version for OOO! This will come in two stages: this release integrates the OOO loot for MMM NPCs, removes MMM guards so OOO guards take priority, and cross-polinates MMM and OOO factions so like creatures correctly behave (i.e OOO wolves and MMM wolves on the same faction). The next update will integrate all of OOO's creatures into MMM's lists. Use this module as a base for FranOOOMMM. Massive thanks to Dev_akm for building the OOO loot translation lists, you're a hero.

New Plugins

-&gt; Diverse Creature Skins -- Take the concept of Diverse NPC Faces, also an MMM first, and apply it to creatures smile.gif Because MMM has five variants of each and every creature in the game, as well as five variant combat styles for each, this was a simple plugin to make. When creatures spawn you will now see a mixture of textures being used, which adds variety and a level of depth not present anywhere else. So far, the following creatures have multiple textures:

Timber Wolves
Mountain Lions

* Skeletons already have armored variants, and now with extra textures as well there's literally dozens of combinations you'll find -- some with or without armor, some with or without a variant texture, and any mixture of the two. There are now dozens of different combinations a skeleton can look like across the range of skeleton classes (armor has a greater chance of appearing on higher level skeletons).

** One alternative is an albino, rare. Look out for the white rat in the grasses!

Additionally, the classic (and overbright) Red Imp and Blue Imp textures have been replacement with much better ones. Big thanks go to Koldorn for these as well as fixing up a number of textures for me and making the Black Hunger texture and an alternative wolf skin.

Finally, this is just the beginning, I have many more textures here including some being made specifically for MMM, so more creatures will be added to the plugin in the near future, certainly before final release.

-&gt; Looting NPCs & Creatures -- NPCs, Goblins and Ogres will loot the bodies of their fallen prey. The exception are Guards, since you don't want them taking your loot (unless you don't mind killing them for it). Looting is about more than just NPCs taking eachother's gear -- it breathes much more life into the world, for exmple:

* You will see a Bandit shoot a Deer and then run up to take its meat
* You will see Goblins crowd around a kill, vying to take their share of the spoils
* You will see Marauders fight amongs themselves as they loot the body of a guard
* You will see a Barbarian wielding a weapon taken from a dead foe you further up the road

These are just a few of the scenarios I've seen playing with the plugin so far.

Additionally, NPCs detect wether they are looting a creature or another NPC and act accordingly. And finally, what do they loot? Anything they can -- weapons, armor, food, gold and more. Naturally, NPCs and creatures will only loot if it's safe to do so, which usually means you see them doing it when you are undetected or when it's your body they're looting smile.gif

-&gt; City Defences -- All cities except the IC now have legion archers patrolling the battlements of each city. Based on the Wall Archers concept by gumballthechewy, this has been built from the ground up with MMM using less guards so as not to impact performance, added external cell as well internal cell guards, added pathing points for patrols along the battlements, and gave them special torches and equipment to enhance their effect. At night, these torches light the walls of the city and are a beacon to weary travellers. And yes, they attack enemy creatures or NPCs within range of the paraphets, so now running to the safety of the city has meaning!

Other Updates and Fixes


  • Fixed respawning Ranger Wolves
  • Fixed silent Golden Saints
  • Fixed bugged wolf combat style
  • Fixed excessive magic loot on Barbarians
  • Slightly reduced Zombie max speed
  • Slightly reduced Oblivion spawns for normal, RSR and RRSR
  • Slightly reduced Deer and Slaughterfish numbers
  • Slightly reduced Rat volumes when they spawn
  • Slightly increased chance of higher Watchmen/women groups at higher levels
  • Removed ‘respawn’ from Foresters, main and Diverse NPC Faces
  • Increased chance of undead specials (Apparitions, Sentient Gas, Dwemer Gem Scavnengers etc)
  • Renamed crafting tools - now “Fletching Calipers” and “Leatherworking Shears”
  • Updated Lyrondor’s Combat Behaviour AI from Lyrondor himself
  • Updated Ranger and Ranger Wolf factions so they play nicely
  • Updated Pahmar to boost base level
  • Tweaked appearance chance of Black Widow Queen
  • Tweaked Increased Spawns plugin for reduced Lions/animals
  • Lich and Necromancer dungeon factions told to respect Special faction
  • Added Sheep to passive creature spawn lists - can now appear all over Tamriel
  • Added Sheep’s Wool new ingredient
  • Added water drinking and forraging AI packages to some creatures
  • Added varied Minotaur styles and looks
  • Added Aggresson/Confidence/Speed scaling to NPCs
  • Added fix for users of Quad Damage mod (but Quad Still needs to be loaded before MMM)
  • Added new items to guards – chance of drinks, potions, books and more.
  • Updated Diverse NPC Faces plugin
  • Updated More Wilderness Life plugin
  • Updated Reduced Spawn Rates plugin
  • Updated Increased Spawn Rates plugin
  • Updated Reduced Reduced Spawn Rates plugin
  • Updated Diverse Imperial Armor plugin
  • Updated MMM for Frans module for 4.1
  • New creature: Blood Minotaur
  • New creature: Black Hunger
  • New plugin: Diverse Creature Skins
  • New plugin: Looting NPCs & Creatures
  • New plugin: City Defences
  • New module: MMM for OOO
  • All scripts further optimised for performance. Slickest, fastest, MMM ever!

I think Mighty Magick is a really great mod that makes a lot better “stock” spells and supercharges mages so that they can survive at low levels equivalently to warriors. The enhancements it makes for conjuration is also really cool, as your summons level up as your conjuration does (up to a limit) and they can learn new spells and arm themselves with better gear (when appropriate, such as skeleton archers using better arrows/bow) and random chance as you get better for summoning two for the price of one. You can also summon more than one thing at a time, so I could have one skeletal guardian, one xivlai, one spider daedra, and two scamps (apprentice’s boon procced).

Note though that enemies get more powerful spells as well, so necromancers and other evil mages become truly fearsome indeed.

Okay, so which mods to avoid if you don’t want to make the game harder? :)

Trying to assemble this pack now, but tessource.net is apparently down (and as I recall, it usually seems to be down when I check for mods). Trying to assemble Jason’s list from fileplanet and other sources, but it may be an incomplete list. I do have all the world texture stuff, however.

use qtp3 if you have a 512mb+ video card.

Holy shit. Thanks, McCullough.

All those mod descriptions sound like they can make Oblivion into a game I would actually be interested in playing. Is this because the type of people who want (what I think of as) a good CRPG are in the minority and the game Bethesda published appeals to a broader audience? Or should Bethesda hire these modders and fire their development team?

I think they should hire one or two of them just to put out new stuff for “micro-transactions”.

OK, I’ve gotten everything downloaded, I’m going to go ahead and turn as much as I can into OMOD format so that it’s all point and click, then I’ll toss up a torrent.

Awesome! Hopefully I can just reinstall the latest Mighty Magick over top of it and run through the Francesco hacks again and I can play with this uber mod pack.

Are you still playing Oblivion? hehe Damn thats alot of mods! I could see installnig two or three, even with Morrowind i installed Better textures, Bitter Coast sounds and some framt rate helper… but thats alot. Is it still the same game?

Lum, keep do you have all the links still somewhere? It’d be nice to document them all.

I’d recommend pulling the world textures out into a separate option; they’re the only really big performance hit in the set.