Java consoles in Firefox

Does it make sense to have 4 separate Java consoles listed as installed add-ons in Firefox?

They are versions 6.0.19 to 6.0.22, if it makes a difference.

They are not just in Firefox, they are also in your Windows system. AND INSIDE YOUR HOUSE.

You probably kept updating your Java installation without uninstalling the previous versions. Sun/Oracle is actually too dumb to do this automatically, you have to go into your control panel and uninstall the old versions manually.

Huh, the previous versions don’t show up in Windows 7’s “Programs and Features” applet. Maybe they were uninstalled but the uninstaller didn’t bother to tell FF?

Hmm, that sounds like recent Java versions do attempt some automatic uninstallation but don’t do it properly. In that case I recommend you just uninstall the plugins from Firefox.

I got into the habit of always manually uninstalling Java before installing a new version a while ago, when the new installer didn’t do anything about existing versions.

Per Java’s webpage test, I cannot get Java working properly in the latest version of Firefox x86 (which I gather means the 32-bit version). I’m running Firefox 32 bit under Windows Home Premium 64 bit.

Has anyone figured out what voodoo I have to do to get this to work? I uninstalled all things Java on my computer, then restarted the computer and downloaded the install exe from I’ve followed all the instructions given and still no love.

Ok, so you went here:

And downloaded the thing, from within firefox, right? And then you installed it and restarted firefox, etc… and it didn’t work?

I don’t use firefox, but I’m guessing that it downloads something like “firefoxinstall.exe”, right? Now, if you’re downloading it from within 32 bit firefox, I think it probably installs the correct version, which would be 32 bit java… that really should be all you need to do.

What’s the problem that you’re getting? I mean, what makes you think it didn’t work? Is there some specific thing you’re trying to view in Firefox?

always download the offline installer by clicking ‘all downloads’

Thanks for the replies: I figured out that it’s Adblock Plus that was causing the problem. If I disable it it’s fine.