Javascript Problem

Hi all:

I don't know squat about Java other than it's some standard plug-in that IE can use to do stuff that seems to be doable without it (or which I don't care about yet).   Regardless, it's causing me grief on my XP system with IE 6.0.   Basically, javascript links don't work - - when I wave the cursor over the link, and the bottom left status bar shows that its a javascript link, and I click on the link....nothing happens.  Since more sites seem to be using it for standard information now, it's occasionally a problem for me.

Sometimes, out of the blue, the javascript console pops up and I get the little Java icon in the system tray on the bottom right…but again, nothing java-related works. I just close it. I have IE security set to medium, I’m running Norton Firewall if it matters.

Any info on what simple thing I'm missing would be appreciated.  Thanks.