"Jaws? Would Jaws make you want to buy a game?"

On this week’s Poweruser.tv podcast, you can listen to me burbling on about MMO addiction; the perils of owning a Playstation 2; Sam and Max dead, then revived, then dead, then revived; plus some other stuff, including the Recommendation of the Week, a segment which will hopefully have a flashy new title next week. I’m thinking ‘Pick of the Week’.

“You are entering unhealthy game time.”

What, no mention of the new Nintendo controller? You’re killing the fucking art form! :cry:

It hadn’t been announced when we taped. Hopefully, the art form will understand the omission.


From it’s grave?

Seriously, this needs to be the new catchphrase here.

Your game of the week theme music is terrible. It sounds like you are getting ready to read the news.

And I vote for “Chick’s Picks”.


I thought the music was the best part.

Neither of them had heard of The Warriors?

Between this and the music thread I’m feeling old.


Pff. I’m not even 30 and I know The Warriors. Who the hell hasn’t seen The Warriors?

Yeah The Warriors rocks

When is The Entity going to co-agulate together and bring us one a Qt3 podcast?

You know, I’ve listened three weeks. The Poweruser.tv podcast is boring. The show has a couple of great game industry personalities, and half the show is bland commentary about tech stories straight from the news wire. Make that week-old news from the wire that other podcasts covered the previous weekend. I think everyone who wants that news has plenty of other sources. TWiT does the same schtick, but at least they’ve got folks with inside info, good sources, and extensive tech industry experience to offer decent analysis or speculation.

Why not just focus entirely on gaming? I think it’s where the strength lies for the talent on the show. Retaining the same personalities, but utilizing their positions and connections to offer more opinion, analysis (Chick) and game biz industry insight is something that not just any room full of forum frequenting geeks can provide. Do some interviews as well, so the introduction of new personalities keeps the show lively. Just my two cents, because I think the show could be good, but it isn’t.

I prefer the gaming segments to the news segments. Also, the newsroom-ish music is just silly. “…and in other news, generic hero #1337 prevents the sun from imploding. Film at 11.”

  • Alan