Jay Pinkerton game blog

Don’t know if anyone around here is familiar with him, but Jay Pinkerton is one of my favorite internet comedy writers. He had a brief stint at National Lampoon, where he tried valiantly to bring it back to the awesomeness of the 70s, but failed. These days he’s working for Surreal Games, as an example of the revolutionary concept of “hiring actual writers to write games, rather than telling the coders to do it while their shit is compiling.” Since we seem to be moving into a new era of well-written games (Portal and Bioshock this year, which is two more than usual), I’m excited. Don’t think they’ve announced anything about the new game yet, but his dev blog should be pretty entertaining.


Jay Pinkerton is my nigga. I have nobody to thank but my long lost internet pal JohnManyJars for introducing him to me.