Jeb Bush for NFL Commissioner?

Jeb is approached for the job:

I don’t mean for this to get into the typical flamefest about G.W. and/or the Bushes generally. But I find it interesting that G.W.'s alternative to running for Texas governor back in the 90s was to be baseball commissioner, and that Jeb’s alternative to running for president, or perhaps merely senator or some such, is to possibly be NFL commish. Also, I believe Condi Rice was mentioned as possible NFL commish.

The jobs of commissioner of baseball/football are taken seriously as alternatives to the highest echelon of political jobs. Can’t say I blame them, though. I think I’d rather be commish of baseball/football than be a governor or senator.

From what I’ve read, Jeb Bush is far more competent than his brother, and hes probably not going to be a factor for Prez because of his brother. He’s firmly in the neocon right, though (I would never vote for him based on Terri Shiavo alone) so perhaps it’s best if he stays away from politics from now on. I actually think he’d do okay at this job.

Actually, Rice would make a great NFL commish. She knows the game. Jeb would scare the hell out of me in that role, but I can’t put my finger on why. Must be some gut feeling, which means it might not be legit.

No matter who gets it, they can’t be nearly as awful as Rozelle.

I think the most interesting candidate so far is Gene Upshaw. Don Fehr isn’t a candidate for the next MLB commish and it’s very unlikely that he would be, but some folks consider Upshaw to be a viable candidate.

That’s a testament to the quality relationship between labor/management in the NFL.